Python 3.6.0 💾

Python is an interpreted and object-oriented programming language. It runs on many plattforms and its powerful yet coherent syntax makes it well-suited for experts and beginners. It's strongly-typed and dynamic, provides for modules, polymorphic classes, exceptions, and high level data types and control structures. Bindings exists for a wide range of libraries, such as system interfaces, windowing and graphical toolkits. Modules exist for high-level mathematic and scientific applications, text p

minor feature: TypeError when frame.f_trace is set to None. possible refleaks in failing Py_BuildValue() with the #8220;N #8221; Format unit. possible refleak when creating a function with annotations. bytearray.remove() for values greater than 127. Based on Patch by Joe Jevnik. int.from_bytes() no longer bypasses constructors for subclasses. Optimized the float.fromhex() class method for exact float. It is now 2 times faster. Single var-keyword argument of dict subtype was passed Unscathed to the C-defined function. Now it is converted to exact dict. gc.get_objects() no longer contains a broken tuple with NULL Pointer. Use RawConfigParser for.pypirc parsing, Removing support for interpolation unintentionally added With move to Python 3. Behavior no longer does any Interpolation in.pypirc files, matching behavior in Python 2.7 and Setuptools 19.0. Memory functions of the PyMem_Malloc() domain PYMEM_DOMAIN_MEM ) now use the. pymalloc allocator. Rather than system malloc(). Applications calling PyMem_Malloc() without holding the GIL can now crash: use PYTHONMALLOC=de environment variable to validate the usage of memory. Allocators in your application. Optimize function calls only using unpacking like Func(*tuple) (no other positional argument, no keyword): avoid copying The tuple. Patch written by Joe Jevnik. Make the builtin slice type support cycle collection. super.__init__ no longer leaks memory if called multiple times. NOTE: A direct call of super.__init__ is not endorsed!, the doc comment for FileFinder.find_spec(). Mention PEP 420 in the importlib docs. PYTHONIOENCODING now has priority over locale in setting the Error handler for stdin and stdout. crash on iterating exhausting iterators. Affected classes are generic sequence iterators, iterators of str, bytes, Bytearray, list, tuple, set, frozenset, dict, OrderedDict, corresponding Views and os.scandir() iterator. Optimize bytes.replace(b'', b'.') and Bytearray.replace(b'', b'.'). Patch written by J

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