Prado PHP Framework 4.0.1 💾

PRADO is a component-based and event-driven programming framework for developing Web applications in PHP 5. PRADO stands for PHP Rapid Application Development Object-oriented. PRADO is an open source project. You can use it for free in either open source or proprietary applications.

minor feature: One class per file: framework/Caching/ . One class per file: framework/Collections/. . One class per file: framework/Exceptions/. . One class per file: framework/I18N/. . One class per file: framework/Security. . One class per file: framework/Util. . One class per file: framework/Xml. . One class per file: framework/Data. . One class per file: framework/Data (continue). . Removed ? from framework/Wsat. . One class per file: framework/Web/Javascripts. . One class per file: framework/Web/Services. . one class per file: framework/Web/*.php. . one class per file: framework/Web/UI/ActiveControls. . One class per file: framework/Web/UI/JuiControls. . One class per file: framework/Web/UI/JuiControls (continue). . one class per file: framework/Web/UI/*.php. . One class per file: framework/Web/UI/*.php (continue). . one class per file: framework/Web/UI/WebControls. . Once class per file: framework/*.php; removed pradolite. . Add namespaces: Caching, Collections, Data. . previously broken file. . Add namespaces: Exceptions, I18N, Security. . Add namespaces: framework/*.php, Util, Wsat, Xml. . Add namespaces: Web/Javascripts, Web/Services, Web/UI/WebControls. . Add namespace: ActiveControls, JuiControls. . Removed @version doc comments. . Apply namespaces to class inheritances (pt1). . More namespace changes. . composer.json. . prado.php. . Renamed 3rdparty directory to vendor. . Added missing use statements in framework. . added missing Prado::using. . validator by using short class name. . some class names. . Prado::using and Prado::createComponent. . use Prado::using instead of class_alias to avoid double definition of . . Removed redundand Prado::using statements. . unit tests. . First support for pages with namespaced page class files.

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