pip 8.1.2 💾

Pip is the PyPA/setuptools recommended tool for installing packages from Pythons central package index (PyPI). It supports source-based, egg, and wheel (PEP427) packages with a full package meta database (PEP426). And it's designed to work in conjunction with virtualenv.

minor bugfix: a regression on systems with uninitialized locale (::`3575`). Use environment markers to filter packages before determining if a required wheel is supported. Solves (::`3254`). Make glibc parsing for `manylinux1` support more robust for the variety of glibc versions found in the wild (::`3588`). Update environment marker support to fully support PEP 508 and legacy environment markers (::`3624`). Always use delogging to the `--log` file (::`3351`). Don't attempt to wrap search results for extremely narrow terminal windows. (::`3655`).

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