Yawls (Yet Another Webcam Light Sensor) 1.2.2

Yawls (Yet Another Webcam Light Sensor): Adjusts the brightness level of your display by using the internal/external webcam of your notebook as an ambient light sensor.

Tags java system capture desktop
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

1.2.207 Sep 2015 13:25 minor feature: Version 1.2.2 provide now a better SIGINT/SIGTERM support (LP: #1475841) and the GUI updates the configuration entries after you hit the reset button. Biggest change in this version is the new backlight device interface which makes it easier to add other backlight level control methods. Besides other clean ups the performance and memory footprint is also slightly improved.
1.2.117 Jul 2015 12:54 major feature: CLI and GUI versions were merged and the GUI is completely revamped. In addition to several other improvements the changes between brightness levels are more smooth in this version.
1.1.227 May 2015 15:56 minor bugfix: * Update src/* - Add license header to all Java files - Improve Java Convention * Add policykit file - Move from gksudo to pkexec - Update yawls_gui.sh * Update debian/control - Add version range for libgtk-3-0 (3.10 3.14) * Upadte main/Yawls.java - Add daemon/BrightnessDaemon.java, daemon/Tools.java * Update engine/Brightness.java - Improved performance * Update engine/Face.java - Improved performance * Update error/IllegalArgumentINConfig.java - Change name to IllegalArgumentINConfigException * Upadte error/NoBacklightDeviceFound.java - Change name to NoBacklightDeviceFoundException * Update yawls_cli.sh - Improved memory footprint of yawls Java instance - Fix PID file error if not run as root (LP: #1424250) - Fix PID file doesn't save program ID (LP: #1425129)
1.1.121 Feb 2015 16:10 minor feature: * Update build.xml - Use reference for libopencv * Update debian/control - Add libopencv2.4-java as dependency * Update yawls_cli.sh - Add workaround for broken opencv symlinks on some systems * Update debian/yawls-cli.links * Update debian/yawls-gtk.links
1.1.020 Feb 2015 14:56 major feature: * Add gui/Show.java, util/Check.java - Make config editable on-the-fly - Add calibration wizzard * Add yawls_cli.sh, yawls_gui.sh - Make daemon more robust - Add workaround for GTK error * Add engine/Stable.java - Add stable light conditions detection function to improve battery impact * Add error/IllegalArgumentINConfig.java, error/NoBacklightDeviceFound.java * Add Yawls.desktop, yawls_icon_64x64.png * Add yawls_about.glade, yawls_calibrate.glade * Add yawls_error.glade, yawls_gui.glade * Update debian/control - Split into two versions (CLI, GUI) * Update debian/rules * Update build.xml, build.sh - Make builds more stable * Update manual - Manual is now translateable - Add that daemon mode is now default * Update util/Translate.java, util/Database.java * Update main/Yawls.java - Improved daemon mode - Add -g, --gui options * Update engine/Brightness.java - Improve automatic camera calibration * Update util/GeneratePath.java
1.0.101 Feb 2015 11:42 minor bugfix: * Add OpenCV PPA for precise compatibility * Change src/*/*/*/* - Improved Java Convention * Update src/*/*/*/engine/Brightness.java - Fix does not internally store the last ambient brightness (#1411946) - Fix screen dim while camera is used by another program (#1409247) - Fix Problem with auto-calibration (#1416639) - Change reference value type to double to improve reference calculation * Update src/*/*/*/engine/Face.java - Optimze face detection * Update src/*/*/*/util/Database.java, src/*/*/*/util/Config.java - Change path of config file * Update src/*/*/*/util/GeneratePath.java - Add bestType detection for GeneratePath * Update src/*/*/*/util/Translation.java - Add gettext library for easier translations and translation integration - Update build.sh - Update build.xml * Add src/*/*/*/engine/Threshold.java - Add Threshold to config for brightening and darkening * Update debian/compat - Bump Version to 9 * Update debian/rules - Add override for update-rc to install init script without activation * Update debian/control - Bump debhelper Version to = 9 - Add Homepage URL - Add Version Control System URLs * Update debian/yawls.install - Remove unneeded path * Add debian/yawls.postrm.debhelper and debian/yawls.prerm.debhelper - For a cleaner uninstall if daemon is added to defaults by the user * Update debian/changelog - Changelog is now more detailed * Update man/yawls.* - Path correction of config files
1.0.029 Jan 2015 14:34 minor feature: - Clean up dependencies - Add possibility to translate the program - Add translated man pages - Add translation for german (program and man page) - Add config file for daemon (/etc/default/yawls.properties) - Add option to detect Faces - Add option to change scan interval - More battery friendly