Yarock player 1.3.0

Yarock is a modern looking music player for local playlists and music collections, packed with features, that doesn’t depend on any specific desktop environment and only has minimal dependencies. Yarock is designed to provide an easy and pretty music browser based on cover art.

Tags qt music audio playlist-manager
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

1.3.025 Dec 2017 14:45 major feature: Yarock 1.3.0 : = many UI improvments = improved radio stream managment = new favorites streams editor
1.1.502 Jan 2016 07:05 minor documentation: This release will use VLC as default audio engine. Use CMAKE option to activate PHONON and MPV audio engines.
1.1.220 May 2015 19:45 minor bugfix: New : add alternate mpv audio engine (mplayer based). New : add "search and play" option for quick playing tracks according to your search result. New : add add equalizer support for vlc audio engine (vlclib 2.2). BugFix : vlc audio engine - fix volume management. BugFix : vlc audio engine - fix backwards seeking. BugFix : fix minor issue when dragging tracks to the bottom of playqueue. Change : Dirble radio use api v2. Change : improve media key support. Change : improve Qt5 building support. Change : various minor ui fix and changes.