XLennart 1.1.1

XLennart is an adaption of the well known XBill game. The virtual antagonists of this point-and-shoot game are running around sabotaging a working computer network to install a virus disguised as init system. The threat can be ended by squashing the intruders per mouse click, before all systems become inoperable. The game GUI requires Motif or Athena X11 libraries to be present, possibly also has an unneeded dependency on systemd.

Tags game click shooter whack-a-mole systemd motif
License GNU GPL
State development

Recent Releases

1.1.124 May 2015 18:25 minor feature: New Lennart sprites. New Debian/Devuan packaging. Some more makefile clean up. Third and last release: Looking for a new maintainer.
1.003 Nov 2014 13:48 minor feature: The first release of XLennart.