WNOSQL 1.0.1

WDBASQL means Wilmix NOSQL.(W*SQL) invented by wilmix jemin j in GDollar,C# ,and JAVA .No need to write SQL Queries but to pass parameters in WDBASQL database PLSQL functions.. WDBASQL is also transport data from SQLSERVER to WDBASQL and viceversa. We can also write WDBASql queries like SQLServer Queries.

Tags wnosql database
License MITL
State initial

Recent Releases

1.0.122 Mar 2017 14:52 minor feature: a) WDBASQL() is a NOSQL databases b) WDBASQL() need no datasource since it remotely connect with C# or Dotnet or JSTAR or CWEB or java or JDollar Program c) WDBASQL also has SQL Concepts and SQL Advanced concepts d) You can see the output the WEB console there is no need for server e) WDBASQL uses cluster memmory management to protect your data from hackers ,etc. f) WDBASQL will Store Huge amount of data ie ) Thrillion Thrillion . g) WDBASQL() has Userfriendly WDBASQL cmd console h) WDBASQL Prevents SQL INJECTION i) WDBASQL() has attractive syntax. j) WDBASQL() also has PLSQL to execute db statements as a batch. k) WDBASQL() also has Advanced oops like JAVA and C# l) WDBASQL is a Advanced Database. m) WDBASQL also transfer to and from SQLSERVER to WDBASQL Database. n) We can also use CDollar dlls with WDBASQL o) WDBASQL also store the output in .EXE format p) WDBASQL also be used with other Programming languages through SQL Server. q)WDBASQL PLSQL uses API format which hacker or unwanted user can' use it in website. r) We can use WDBASQL (.wdba) data for futhure use with cloud database WDBAJ at GALAXYv.1 cloud OS. s) It is easy to use and Learnable t) We can also do programming in WDBASQL database u) We can also construct forms and reports v) Here CDollar-JAVA.util packages are used since it mostly interact with C# Program. w) No Server for WDBASQL() db x) Occupies only less amount of safe y) Prevents from data loss by CLUSTERRESTORE z) Performs Manipulations (WDBASQL() ) in huge amount of data say 1 thrillion. never makes db very slow since datas are divided into batches.