Web and WML .1

WEB is the Most Standard Technology for WEB invented by wilmix jemin j in JDollar atOCT 2015 to develop a webpage. Web is used instead of today internet tools which is not fast.Expansion of WEB is "Wilmix Encryption for Business". W stands for wilmix hence it is invented by wilmix. To make the name attractive we name it "WEB".

Tags jdollar compiler programming-language cloudcomputing
License GNU GPL
State initial

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.127 Mar 2016 02:46 major feature: ADVANTAGES: a) Web is used as client faces security towards his website. b) Web uses namespace url so any program can use the the Web for security purpose. c) Web is used in cloud computing and mobile cloud computing d) WEB contains beautiful designs and Themes . e) WEB also act as DYNAMIC HTML and it can interact with security DATABASE WDBAJ . f) WEB also has OOPS concepts. g) It is learnable. h) It is easy to write a WEB namespace program than writing a webservice program. i) It generates an encrypted class file which is understood only by server. so when you run the encrypted file (.WEB) it generates the output. j) It is also used in WEBPAGE construction like JSTAR , and PHP. k) So a Client can kept any secret data in (WEB) namespace url and so it can be reused for futhure use. l) It is used to convert a style sheet or any WML form to a encrypted format. m) IT is an Interactive technology and a friendly one. n) Encrypted data from WEB is used for constructing GRAPHS , Report, charts, etc. 0) IT directly interact with JDollar ,WDBAJ , JAVA , .Net ,and all Latest Technologies of JDollar. p) IT is used to display contents of Youtube and games.... q) IT is mostly used in WSIT field , IT Field; and serve as an important tools for Security. s) Includes all CDollar Advantages. t) It uses multiprotocols like Internet.. u) It is Protocol specific for encryption. v) WEB technology framework/language WML is more userfriedly Interface design .