Siren 0.9

Siren is a text-based audio player for UNIX-like operating systems. Supported file formats include Ogg Vorbis, MP3, Opus, FLAC, AAC, WavPack, WAVE and AIFF. Playback is possible through sndio, PulseAudio, ALSA, OSS, Sun audio, PortAudio and libao. Siren is known to run on OpenBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD, Linux and OS X.

Tags audio curses mp3 music ncurses player terminal text-based
License ISC
State stable

Recent Releases

0.909 Jan 2019 20:25 minor feature: Add the close-output-plugin command. Add the continue-after-error option. Unbreak the build on systems other than OpenBSD. Unbreak the build of the ffmpeg plug-in on macOS.
0.706 Oct 2016 16:44 minor feature: Add the ffmpeg input plug-in. Add the pwd and reopen-output-plugin commands. Add the library-format-alt, player-track-format-alt, playlist-format-alt and queue-format-alt options. Add the filename format variable. Add OpenBSD pledge(2) support. Bind "i" to select-active-entry by default. Support the (less standard) totaldiscs and totaltracks Vorbis comments. Handle the "n/m" format in the discnumber and tracknumber Vorbis comments where "n" is the disc/track number and "m" is total number of discs/tracks. Remove support for ao file output drivers. These are not very useful. Fix various minor bugs.
0.601 Sep 2015 14:20 minor feature: Support bit depths other than 16. Add the aac input plug-in. Add the portaudio output plug-in. Add the albumartist, comment, discnumber, disctotal and tracktotal metadata fields. Update the metadata cache on start-up if the metadata cache file uses an older format. Allow relative paths in playlists. Handle CRLF newlines in playlists. Remove the confirm command and instead let the delete-entry and quit commands ask for confirmation directly. Remove the -p option of the command-prompt and search-prompt commands. Fix various minor bugs.
0.504 Mar 2015 11:20 minor feature: Add 256-colour support. Add the mpg123 input plug-in. Add the opus input plug-in. Add the source command. Build on OS X. Fix various minor bugs.