Self-Healing Independent File Transfer 3.3

Shift is high-performance local and remote file transfer framework. It can recover from varying networking and storage errors. Shift uses cryphtographic hashes to verify transfer integrities, throttles network connections if need be, instruments load balancing over different connections, but als parallelizes redundant connections. It specifically works with large amounts of data, and applies the same recovery facilities to local filesystem transfers.

Tags ssh distributed-filesystem file-transfers copy backup
License NASA
State stable

Recent Releases

3.316 Oct 2014 16:45 minor feature: - Fixed tar file renaming when multiple unsplit tar files created via - stdin - Fixed remote tar extraction due to missing fields in shift-aux tar - parsing - Fixed parsing of @ in remote addresses (user name still dropped - however) - Fixed local lustre striping when stripes 160 for lustre 2.4 - Fixed unescape of src for tar link validation - Fixed display of ssize in --stats when --verify not used - Fixed addition to meta file if --meta=0 specified - Fixed reversion of metadata corruption after abrupt termination - Fixed truncation of existing file during file corruption recovery - Fixed possible truncation of directory prefix during tar creation - Fixed writability check of remote files - Fixed hang when getting striping of link to fifo (due to lfs bug) - Changed final file size checks to reread src size when dst size - differs - Changed status totals to use total+ instead of - during initialization - Changed mkdir and dir chattr ops to be limited by --files setting - Added file name to fish error messages