sdpt3glue 0.9.2

The sdpt3glue package serves as glue code to allow Cvxpy semidefinite programming (SDP) problems to be solved using the SDPT3 solver for Matlab.

Tags python optimization
License MITL
State beta

Recent Releases

0.9.206 Aug 2016 13:50 minor feature: Major changes: fix bug when multiple SDP ctrs are used add explicit requirements.txt change the errors thrown for easier catching by the user Minor changes refactoring and printing touch ups, license statements, adding long description for PyPI, adding PyPI badge to readme
0.9.119 Jul 2016 00:48 minor feature: Adds some functionality for returning the NEOS job ID and password, which can be useful for debugging purposes. See the solve_neos module, function handle_submission (to just return ID and password after submitting) and new argument return_jobid_pwd for neos_solve (to track the solve until it finishes and return the message along with the ID and password. Backwards compatible with code written for previous versions. Also includes some touch ups to documentation, printing, and package info.
0.9.011 Jul 2016 15:49 major feature: