Scalaris 0.7.1

Scalaris is a distributed and transactional key-value, store with early and full ACID support. Scalaris is implemented in Erlang, uses a structured overlay with a non-blocking Paxos commit protocol for transaction processing with strong consistency over replicas.

Tags erlang key-value database storage webscale
State initial

Recent Releases

0.7.101 Oct 2014 01:34 minor bugfix: Numerous bugs fixed. Support for new distribution versions, systemd and SELinux. Include daemon for monitoring Scalaris through JMX. Java-API: integrate new OtpErlang library. More robust (still experimental) support for active load balancing with Karger and Ruhl's algorithm including more flexible "load" definitions. rm_tman: less overhead by only sending unknown nodes to neighbours. slide: better support for slide aborts. node join: less overhead during joins, especially in setups with huge lists of known nodes. cyclon: move to new gossip framework. vivaldi: move to new gossip framework. monitor: move performance monitor to the basic_services group (once per VM).