rovercode 0.4.0

rovercode is an educational robotics platform. It features a Blockly web app to make it easy to program and run your robot (rover) straight from your browser. Drag and drop commands to: - drive motors - read values from sensors - see what your rover sees with the built-in webcam viewer. The web app pairs with our service running on the rover. A rover can be anything supported by the [Adafruit Python GPIO library](, including: - [C.H.I.P.]( - [Raspberry Pi]( - [BeagleBone Black]( You do not need any hardware to contribute -- we have instructions for developing on your PC. Docs: Source: Production: Beta: License: GPLv3 mailing list (beware your spam folder): Slack:

Tags python flask django robotics computer-aided-instruction wsgi socketio aws
License GNU GPLv3
State alpha

Recent Releases

0.4.017 May 2017 12:04 major feature: Initial call for outside developers