ReflectRPC 0.7.6

ReflectRPC is a Python library implementing an RPC client and server using the JSON-RPC 1.0 protocol. What sets it apart from most other such implementations is that it allows the client to get a comprehensive description of the functions exposed by the server. This includes type information of parameters and return values as well as human readable JavaDoc-like descriptions of all fields. To retrieve this information the client only has to call the special RPC function __describe_functions and it will get a data structure containing the whole description of all RPC functions provided by the server.

Tags python jsonrpc json rpc python-module
License MITL
State beta

Recent Releases

0.7.615 Sep 2016 03:15 minor feature: Support for typed arrays. Autocompletion of type and function names in rpcsh. for command-line programs. Autoreconnect in case of failing connections in command-line programs.
0.7.412 Aug 2016 03:15 minor feature: RPC functions run by the Twisted server can now return Deferreds to implement concurrent RPC services. Linux sys info example service.
0.7.326 Jul 2016 22:12 minor feature: - Support for UNIX domain sockets - New rpcgencode tool to generate client code for a running RPC service