Python ssdeep Wrapper 3.3

This is a straightforward Python wrapper for ssdeep by Jesse Kornblum, which is a library for computing context triggered piecewise hashes (CTPH). Also called fuzzy hashes, CTPH can match inputs that have homologies. Such inputs have sequences of identical bytes in the same order, although bytes in between these sequences may be different in both content and length.

Tags python ssdeep
License GNU LGPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

3.311 Jan 2018 09:25 minor feature: Update ssdeep lib to 2.14.1. with Travis CI. Add additional CI test with Python 3.6. Build docs during CI builds. Remove deprecated PKGBUILD.
3.228 Nov 2016 11:45 minor feature: Update ssdeep lib to 2.13(thanks to Charles Lindsay). Update install instructions. Add additional CI tests on CentOS 7, Debian 8 and Ubuntu 14.04/16.04.
3.1.124 Dec 2014 03:15 documentation: Updated ssdeep lib to 2.12 Added additional tests Fixed build issues on Windows Added option to run tests with PyPy3 Fixed build to prevent automake version missmatch errors Updated documentation
20 Dec 2014 20:22 minor feature: