PySpread 1.99.4

PySpread is a desktop spreadsheet application. It's unique in supporting Python expressions in table cells rather than introducing a basic style language. It allows CSV import and export, while its own files are GPG signed. It can create charts using matplotlib, grid cells return pythonic objects, like macros can also be written in Python. It can therefore also utilize numpy or matrix operations.

Tags python spreadsheet office desktop gtk
License GNU GPL
State beta

Recent Releases

1.99.421 Sep 2020 09:25 minor feature: This is the fourth Beta release for pyspread 2.0. This version adds a selection mode for creating cell references with the mouse. Dependencies: Mandatory: Python ( 3.6), numpy ( =1.1), PyQt5 ( 5.10, requires PyQt5.Svg), setuptools ( =40.0). Recommended: matplotlib ( =1.1.1), pyenchant ( =1.1), pip ( =18). For building the apidocs with Sphinx see apidocs/requirements.txt.
1.1.308 Feb 2019 03:15 minor bugfix: Python-gnupg dependency made optional For OpenBSD vlclib Cell cache now uses id to ensure uniqueness of cell result
1.1.123 Oct 2017 03:15 minor bugfix: Windows: GUI translations are now correctly found Windows: Code is now executed when clicking on locked or on button cells COPYING file moved to top folder Pyspread color scheme now adapts better to most dark themes Missing or non-existent GPG key is no longer crashing the GUI Shift-scroll now scrolls the grid sideways Undo and redo functionality made robust (now based on David Townshend's functional undo framework) Table choice panel is now shown and hidden with F3 Macro dialog changed to AUI panel (shown and hidden with F4) The entry line is now correctly updated The last savepoint is now identified using the undo framework Undo and redo buttons are now disabled if no undo / redo is available Current grid label highlights changed for better visibility on high resolution displays Mouse wheel scrolling speed increased xlrd is not anymore a hard requirement () The grid is now prevented from scrolling on focusing a cell editor Merged cells are now correctly drawn if the top left cell is invisible Copy and paste format now ignores merged cell information If a merged area is shifted outside the grid via insert rows etc. this is now correctly handled Chart dialog switched to AUI panel for better resizeability of sub panels GPG key choice now only allows choosing private keys without passwords
1.123 Oct 2016 20:25 minor feature: ---. Video support in cells (requires libvlc). Default open and save filetypes can noww be set in preferences dialog Spell checking functionality added (requires pyenchant) The current row and column now is highlighted in the grid labels In fullscreen mode, arrow keys and space navigate through the tables Cell cursor is not drawn any onger in fullscreen mode F6 now fits the grid to the screen ssize if possible ODS file open support added (still rudimentary, requires pyodf) Unmerging cell Changing preferences now refreshes the grid Font choice box switches to pangocairo to achieve rendering that matches the grid Fonts are now drawn with their standard weight, style etc. if no weight/style is chosen The cell editor is noww and all changes are discarded when the table is switched If a cell is a button cell or a frozen cell then no tooltip is showwn any longer to avoid side effects Copy and paste of cell formats added Chart dialog labels shortened in order to avoid display problems with other locales Alpha blending option added to multiple chart types XLS import made independent from screen resolution Clicking on any part of a merged button cell now executes the cell function instead of the upper left part of the cell The current directory is now changed to the directory of a file that is opened in order to allow relative file access Trying to save while saving is now prohibited in a more robust way File save tempfile naming made more robust Cell attribute access is now faster if many tables are present New panel for table choice for better usability with poor mouse wheels Various Non-functional additions: Framework for font saving added (font loading does not work yet) Skeleton for new chart dialog added (does not work yet)
1.0.303 May 2016 05:45 minor bugfix: GUI translations updated Unmerging of cells Font default style for fonts that are originally bold When a table is switched, the cell editor now is and all changes in an open cell editor are forgotten Merge areas that are shifted beyond a sheet boundary via insert rows / columns are now deleted
1.0.115 Dec 2015 03:15 minor feature: Jedi 0.9 API change French translation added Translations updated GPG now only accepts the chosen key as valid
1.021 Aug 2015 03:15 major bugfix: ---. Full screen mode on Windows Tanslations to Ukrainian and German updated. File handling for reading xls files improved xlsx files can now be opened (cell content only)
0.4.201 Jun 2015 03:15 minor feature: Some changes to improve results on Debian CI test Full screen mode added Updates to first steps document Linux distrubtion logos removed from first steps document
0.4.126 Apr 2015 03:15 minor feature: -----. Custom axis ticks added to chart dialog. Grid border drawing fixed Current cell focus drawing optimized Error message when aborting Macro -- Save removed Canceling an export does not any longer yield an error message Content of cells that are very thin or small is not rendered any more Fix for Cairo memory error on Windows Frozen cells now are shown if activated in View menu Bitmaps and SVGs now are translated and rotated b now is displayed correctly. SVG recognition now reqires xmlns within the first 1000 characters Markup made available in the Format menu Rotation angle input dialog replaced with sub menu First steps help file updated Tutorial in pyspread distribution updated so that it matches the Web site Heap size increased Cells below a merged cell are now emptied Merging cells now get a larger cell editor
0.415 Dec 2014 21:45 major feature: Grid renderer switched to Cairo PDF export of whole pys files added SVG export of whole pys files added Bug in new GPG key generation fixed Entry line width fixed Initial Window position is not restored any more due to cross-platform issues Rotation can now only be done 90 wise instead of 1 wise Help page can now be zoomed in and out External help pages are now opened in an external browser Breakage in wxPython2.8 due to missing system color fixed Minimum screen size reduced nn function that removes None from lists now also supports lists, tuples, etc. matplotlib and rsvg now are optional dependencies SVG code is now automatically detected and rendered in cells Pango markup support added Images now retain their aspect ratios in cells Dialog on GPG key creation now looks better when running on wxPython 3.x Print framework now is Cairo based Button cell functionality added for code execution on click Text that is pasted into table choice int ctrl is now ignored po and pot files are now included in the distribution tarball Pango markup warnings are now caught and displayed inside the cell Unit tests are now adapted to new unicode code quotation Button functionality included into weather example Matplotlib charts are now drawn via Cairo Table switching with the mouse wheel is now more robust Unit tests now work without a config file present GPG keys are not any more automatically generated on first start New GPG key generation option in the menu Known issue: Files with special characters in filename are never verified as trusted.