My First OSS published on pypi - Light weight excel reader/writer 1.46

A light weight, zero dependency (only standard libs used), to the point (no bells and whistles) Microsoft Excel reader/writer python 2.7.18 - 3+ library. Zero non-standard library dependencies No compatibility/version control issues. Light-weight single source code file that supports both Python3 and Python2.7.18. Single source file that can easily be copied directly into a project for true zero-dependency. Great for those that have installation/download restrictions. In addition the library's size and zero dependency makes this library pyinstaller compilation small and easy!

Tags python excel microsoft
License MITL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.4605 Sep 2020 04:41 minor feature: added support for cell values that have multiple formats within a single cell. previous versions did not support this functionality since it is logged differently in sharedString.xml added support for updating formulas and viewing them: view formula:'Sheet1').address('A1', formula=True) edit formula:'Sheet1').update_address('A1', val='=A1+10') updated the following function arguments to drive commonality: was: readxl(fn, sheetnames) new: readxl(fn, ws) was: writexl(db, path) new: writexl(db, fn) was: new: was: db.add_ws(sheetname, data) new: db.add_ws(ws, data) added new feature to be able to read-in NamedRanges, store it in the Database, update it, remove it, and write it. NamedRanges were integrated with existing function to handle semi-structured-data db.add_nr(name'range1', ws='sheet1', address='A1:C2') db.remove_nr(name='range1') db.nr_names add feature to remove worksheet: db.remove_ws(ws='Sheet1') add feature to rename worksheet: db.rename_ws(old='sh1', new='sh2') added a cleanup function upon writing to delete _pylightxl_ temp folder in case an error left them added feature to write to file that is open by excel by appending a new_ tag to the file name and a warning message that file is opened by excel so a file was saved as new_ + filename