OpenShot Video Editor 2.5.2

OpenShot Video Editor is a free, open-source video editor for Linux. OpenShot can take your videos, photos, and music files and help you create the film you have always dreamed of. Easily add sub-titles, transitions, and effects, and then export your film to DVD, YouTube, Vimeo, Xbox 360, and many other common formats.

Tags artistic-software video non-linear-editor c++ python qt
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

2.5.221 Feb 2021 22:25 minor feature: UTF-8 Project Encoding (for non-ASCII characters). Thumbnail Server UTF-8 Encoding. Auto-Repair UTF-8 Corrupted Projects. Updated Documentation (with Auto-Update). Updated Translations / Supporters. Misc. Df8baf0 2020-03-01 FeRD (Frank Dana) Merge branch 'osp-file-repair' into release-20200229 HEAD - release-20200229, origin/release-20200229. 4ed2c2f 2020-03-01 FeRD (Frank Dana) json_data: Correct for lost slashes, pre-repair. F792a4a 2020-02-29 Jonathan Thomas Release branch for 2.5.1 (min libopenshot version 0.2.5). 777cf1f 2020-02-29 Jonathan Thomas F044d07 2020-02-29 SuslikV formatting of repaired JSON data. D28befd 2020-02-29 SuslikV Add thumbnail to the audio only clip. 35b65e8 2020-02-28 Jonathan Thomas Updating release date and appdata.xml entry origin/update-translations-2-5-1, update-translations-2-5-1. 8201f31 2020-02-28 Jonathan Thomas Ddf89b9 2020-02-28 Jonathan Thomas Fd39dde 2020-02-27 Jonathan Thomas Bumping version to 2.5.1-dev (for upcoming release). E05f4bc 2020-02-27 Jonathan Thomas Update cache for 2.5.1 release. B434a9a 2020-02-27 Jonathan Thomas Updating contributors/supporters for upcoming 2.5.1 release. 03499eb 2020-02-27 Jonathan Thomas Updating translations for upcoming OpenShot release (2.5.1). 4d46dde 2020-02-27 Jonathan Thomas D259a22 2020-02-27 FeRD (Frank Dana) json_data: Autorepair corrupted project files. 7f8107a 2020-02-27 FeRD (Frank Dana) main_window: Persist statusBar as a class member. Ee43136 2020-02-26 Jonathan Thomas 770b744 2020-02-19 Frank Dana Retire Windows envvar-deletion code. 34fab2b 2020-02-18 Jonathan Thomas 5c1bb2c 2020-02-18 Frank Dana 3b3e026 2020-02-18 Jonathan Thomas 8d1c0ad 2020-02-16 SuslikV readonly text fields visibility. 7deb3f7 2020-02-16 SuslikV
2.4.421 Mar 2019 16:45 minor feature: Bump version to 2.4.4 (minimum libopenshot to 0.2.3). Scale keyframe coordinates when changing Profile or Exporting using a different FPS. Large performance improvements on AngularJS Timeline (and solved some Async ). Integration of resvg SVG library (gitlab and freeze updates). Improved Tracks (simpler numbering, faster inserting, prevent deletion of locked tracks). Improved Docking (Timeline widget is now dockable and Properties works in pillar mode). Windows Installer: Remove invalid files (system32/zlib1.dll). Use libopenshot to generate preview images for our Title editor, and no longer use Qt's SVG parsing by default. Improving UTF-8 path detection and conversion. Rewrite conversion of relative and absolute path support in OpenShot. ing many Python reported in our automatic exception tracking. ing Various Breakages in our Release Testing Plan. ing regressions to Split Audio. Integrate Constant Rate Factor (CRF) into Export Dialog. Separating PrepareStreams() from Open(), to allow SetOption() to correctly function. Adding h265 export preset. Adding /.openshot_qt/presets/ User-defined Presets, so users can easily install custom export presets (devices and formats). Dragging an OSP file into the Project Files widget will open the entire project file (and prompt to save unsaved changes). Persist undo/redo history correctly across OpenShot sessions. audio waveform display when slicing clips or resizing/trimming clips. Color picker: Never use native dialog. Adding Git Changelog screen. Converting to new Settings class, instead of the old ENV VAR method. Reverting Angular from 1.7.2 to 1.6.0 (for stability reasons). Updating GitHub Templates (for report, question, and feature request). Updating GitHub README: features list, translation urls, and badges. Completed Arabic, Hindi, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) translations. Update messaging integration on build server. Add file for installed module. Path-detect via openshot_qt init. Exit using
2.4.311 Mar 2019 13:45 minor feature: Bumping version to 2.4.3 (libopenshot dependency to 0.2.2). Disable OMP thread concurrency during Export, to make exports as safe as possible. Nudge clips when holding SHIFT + Left or Right arrow (Richard Alloway N3WWN). Animated Masks: New "reader" propety type, initially used by the Mask effect to change the image/video used by transitions and the Mask effect. Add Save Current Frame button (Richard Alloway N3WWN). New translation language infrastructure and logic (better logic for determining current language) (Frank Dana ferdnyc). split keep both sides (right side position was incorrect). Application icon updates (Frank Dana ferdnyc). Zoom (lots of relating to zooming ). Undo/Redo. New tutorial system, better child window management (Frank Dana ferdnyc). Travis CI Integration. Improve Title filename duplication naming/counting (DerGenaue). Use track names in "Add To Timeline" window (Frank Dana ferdnyc). Improve waveform display rendering (DerGenaue). audio wave not rendered after completion (DylanC). Add instagram and twitter presets (DylanC). Add AppStream metadata to (Peter Eszlari). Timeline JavaScript (DylanC). Timeline cleanup and performance, upgrade Angular.js (DylanC). Removing from AppImage. Add src/language path to Mac DMG builder (Frank Dana ferdnyc). Add language override on command line using --lang (Frank Dana ferdnyc). Add explanatory text for --list-lang (Frank Dana ferdnyc). Some for the timeline deger (Frank Dana ferdnyc). Update edit-clear icon in Humanity (Frank Dana ferdnyc). Correct variable name typo to initialize properly (DylanC). Convert all nonesential logs (Frank Dana ferdnyc). Remove unused effects filters (Frank Dana ferdnyc). Add "Ask a Question" template (Frank Dana ferdnyc). Preventing libopenshot version check on unittests. More framerates for YouTube HD and Vimeo HD presets (Frank Dana ferdnyc). Convert (most) files with DOS line-endings to Unix (Frank Dana ferdnyc). Remove de.js from index.html (
2.4.201 Jul 2018 03:16 minor bugfix: See
2.4.008 Sep 2017 09:25 major feature: Improved stability, improved undo/redo system, new freeze preset menu, new export settings (video only, audio only, image sequences)
2.3.319 May 2017 06:25 minor bugfix: - New release! Bumping version to 2.3.3, and libopenshot depenency to 0.1.6 - Adding CFBundlePackageType key to Info.plist, and symlinking a few files which I don't think are considered executable in the AppBundle. This is an experiment. - Updated supporters and donors file - Updated translations and improved translation test script (which validates all string replacements are found in translations) - Fixed SpaceMovie 3D animated title alpha keyframes, and adjusted the position of the main title to be better centered when it appears. - Fixing bug when selecting effect on a clip (where selection dropdown would not populate) - Fixed bug on certain systems when loading list of all supported languages. Fixed backup recovery issue which would not refresh the timeline on load. Fixed bug destroying the lock file (if another process already deleted the lock file). Added c++ exception parsing from archived exception data. - Improvements to error parsing script - Adding a script to parse and aggregate error logs for OpenShot - Another attempt to fix the race condition causing the "zipimport.ZipImportError: can't decompress data; zlib not available" when launching a frozen version of OpenShot. Also fixing a common error on the title editor (caused by a missing font-style). - Protecting query classes more, to prevent invalid clip/tran/effect ids from crashing - Removing NVideo driver from AppImage (build server)
2.3.212 May 2017 09:25 minor feature: New upstream release of OpenShot. Increased stability, and new checks to verify the correct version of libopenshot is loaded at launch. Reduced file size for installers and source packages.
2.2.021 Dec 2016 10:45 major feature: Happy Holidays to all the OpenShot supporters around the world! I am very proud to announce the latest and greatest release of OpenShot (version 2.2) has just arrived, and is ready to edit all your holiday videos! It s faster, more stable, and better than ever! Performance / Caching Over the past few months, improvements to performance have been my top priority. In some cases, performance is improved more than 10x compared to OpenShot 2.1. Adding huge images to your timeline is now fully optimized, and won t slow you down. Editing HD videos (5K, 4K, 2.5K, and 1080p) is vastly improved. A new caching engine was built from the ground up, and supports both memory and disk back-ends, depending on the user s needs. This can be configured in the Preferences, under Cache . Also, opening huge projects (with hundreds of files / clips) has been optimized and is up to 10x faster. Improved Stability Many critical bugs have been fixed related to seeking, missing frame detection, and AVPacket scope, which results in a much more stable engine, especially on slower systems. Also, compatibility has been improved for Linux AppImage and OS X (10.9+) App Bundles. Keyframe Enhancements Keyframes are used in the animation system in OpenShot, and have received some major upgrades. Support for CSS syntax (quadratic bezier curves) now allows a -based approach to setting the curve handles. This is very useful, and better than the previously hard-coded values. Also, 28 curve presets have been added for common things like ease-in/out, bounce, etc Many other improvements have been made to Keyframes, such as better undo/redo support when dragging property values (in the property editor), rendering color keyframes on the timeline, and improved frame detection when using the property editor (i.e. adding a keyframe for the currently selected frame).
2.1.030 Aug 2016 14:11 major feature: