Open GPS Tracking System 2.5.7

OpenGTS provides a web-based GPS tracking collection system. It joins positional data from a fleet of devices or vehicles. It supports OpenLayers and other map providers, a detail and summary report, and various types of GPS tracking devices.

Tags java javascript gps gis web-based
License Apache
State mature

Recent Releases

2.5.709 Oct 2014 15:32 minor feature: NEW: Added additional status codes. Initial support for DeviceGroup notify email address (incomplete). Added "useResultAddress" property to "nominatim" reverse-geocode provider. Added DATA_VEHICLE_MAKE, DATA_VEHICLE_MODEL for report FieldLayout. Added "fleetSortByField" property to MotionReport. FIXES: Fixed odometer offset used by MotionReport. Fixed ignition-hour accoumulation in "". UPDATES: Check for "Timezones" tag within "Domain" in private.xml Changes made to support compiling under Java-8. Added comments to "org/opengts/war/tools/" to indicate the change required in this module to support compiling with Tomcat-8 (changes required due to API differences in Servlet Spec 3.1). DEVICES: tk10x: Added support for using the last valid GPS Added support for VJoy device. Cell-tower data parsing for tk103_2.