MusE 3.0

MusE is a MIDI/Audio sequencer with recording and editing capabilities written originally by Werner Schweer now developed and maintained by the MusE development team. MusE aims to be a complete multitrack virtual studio for Linux, it is published under the GNU General Public License.

Tags artistic-software audio midi sequencer
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

3.009 Jan 2018 05:21 major feature: A selection of sorts, changes since the last stable release 2.2.1 are as follows (sorry it s long): * Switched to Qt5 * New Plugin Path editor in Global Settings: * System-wide move to double precision of all audio paths * LV2 fix for very slow right-click synth 'presets' ex. amsynth * LV2 support PowerOf2BlockLength * LV2 support FixedBlockLength * Mixer makeover with lots of fixes * Arranger Track Info panel complete makeover * New: Persistent routes jack audio and midi routes. * Multi-channel Audio Track routing * Improved automation editing, no multi-point editing yet though * Audio automation graphs undo support * New wave drawing mode in arranger with a tiny outline of the wave file * Added Native VST FX support (synths were already supported) * Added support to resize notes and parts to the left with pencil tool * Added live update of wave parts while recording * Added Native VST shell plugins support * Added recording restart function (CTRL+Space and SHIFT+space keeping the old) * Auto resample imported wave files to project's sample rate * Graphical Routing dialog redone and enhanced * Routing popup menus for midi now allow Jack Midi routing * Device List added to midi configuration, with 'Delete' button. * Added multichannel support for SimpleDrums (+routing ability) * Added lots of instrument definition files * CPU and Audio DSP usage metering * Midi transformer support for for randomizing events * Added sample-rate change according to song file when using RtAudio * Midi device processing implementation greatly improved * External midi clock sync reworked * Large System Exclusive (sysex) message support for ALSA * Added support for RtAudio audio backend - primarily Pulse is supported * Synths can now be selected as a midi input route. * Much improved monitoring functionality * ALSA support is now optional, can run in pure jack mode. * Timer improvements, ALSA timer now first choice. (...)