mlock 0.13

mlock reads and writes encrypted miniLock files. It is a fast native implementation of the minilock file format. Despite its name (and in contrast to the original implementation), it can also handle big files. Information about the cryptographic details:

Tags cryptography c console linux kde
License GNU GPLv3
State beta

Recent Releases

0.1313 Jun 2015 08:11 major bugfix: -number of recipient IDs no longer restricted -GUI: fixed minor issues
0.1204 Jun 2015 17:03 major bugfix: -increased allowed recipient ID count to 128 -CLI: added --list option -GUI: fixed minor issues
0.1119 May 2015 13:03 major bugfix: -GUI: changed bad mail format icon -GUI: fixed layout issues -GUI: added drag and drop icon -GUI: save out dir and encryption options -GUI: fixed threading issue -W32 CLI: fixed hash progress output -W32 CLI: fixed stripping of destination filename
0.1015 May 2015 09:14 minor bugfix: -added option to save output with random filename -GUI: added recipient list tooltips -GUI: fixed statusbar update issues -several bugfixes
0.907 May 2015 18:09 minor bugfix: -new errors if input file is empty or if output file exists -GUI: updated passphrase tooltips -GUI: fixed passphrase security notification -GUI: fixed encryption prompt after changing out directory -GUI: added ID text file import and clear ID buttons -GUI: updated manual
0.8.101 May 2015 17:11 minor bugfix: -fixed file open mode
0.829 Apr 2015 19:32 minor feature: -added README_DE and more icons/desktop integration files -CLI: added passphrase security hint -GUI: fixed UTF8 file path handling -GUI: added passphrase security notification icon -GUI: added manual
0.717 Apr 2015 19:30 major feature: Replaced QML UI by a new QT Widgets interface. Some minor issues were fixed.
0.603 Apr 2015 10:11 major feature: Added progress output while calculating the file hash. Fixed lib order in link command. Added --quiet option.
0.512 Mar 2015 20:21 major feature: Fixed progress output. Improved responsiveness of the optional UI. Removed OpenSSL dependency.
0.423 Feb 2015 21:25 major feature: Replaced crypto_scrypt call by libsodium's function Removed OpenSSL lib dependency
0.313 Feb 2015 20:02 major feature: An optional Qt5 GUI was added.
0.221 Nov 2014 21:24 minor feature: Progress info output was added. Passphrases may be entered using pinentry.
0.111 Nov 2014 21:15 minor feature: Initial release.