LibCXX Widget Toolkit 0.28.0

LibCXXW is a library that implements a basic X user interface widget toolkit with a modern C++17 API.

Tags widget-set c++ x11 linux developers
License GNU GPLv3
State beta

Recent Releases

0.28.007 Jun 2020 13:16 minor feature: Update the build system to compile LibCXXW using the C++20 standard mode, and add several C++20 features to the library API.
0.20.031 Mar 2019 23:13 minor feature: This release implements options to override the default theme-specified visual appearance of widgets, with custom per-widget settings.
0.19.001 Mar 2019 01:04 minor feature: This release implements splash windows, contains internal improvements to the window manager hints for dialog windows, and adds right pointer button popup menus to the file dialog that makes it possible to execute basic file operations (rename/delete) in the file dialog.
0.18.013 Feb 2019 23:44 minor feature: This release implements static tooltip popups, that can be attached to any widget.
0.17.031 Jan 2019 13:17 minor feature: An input field filter API for implementing text input fields with custom internal formatting and behavior.
0.16.021 Jan 2019 12:39 minor feature: This release adds a simplified API for implementing the standard Copy, Cut, and Paste menu items.
0.15.007 Jan 2019 11:42 minor feature: This release adds a new peephole layout manager widget for containers.
0.14.030 Dec 2018 18:11 minor feature: This release adds a search widget.
0.13.020 Dec 2018 02:45 minor feature: This release adds a layout manager that draws an optionally-titled border around a group of elements, and implements the window manager synchronization request protocol.
0.12.006 Dec 2018 03:43 minor feature: A new layout manager was added that implements toolbox dialogs.
0.11.023 Nov 2018 23:51 minor feature: Enhanced list layout manager settings for implementing hierarchical lists.
0.10.016 Nov 2018 03:31 minor feature: Enhancements to the pane layout manager, and a theme option to use lightweight gradient shading for better performance on older video hardware.
0.714 Aug 2018 01:07 minor feature: This release adds an implementation of the XDND protocol.
0.605 Jul 2018 11:00 minor feature: A new manual font rendering API for custom display widgets.
0.526 Jun 2018 01:29 minor feature: New font picker and color picker widgets.
0.415 Apr 2018 17:22 minor feature: New library API and header files for implementing custom widgets by subclassing the templates and classes from the library.
0.328 Mar 2018 04:03 minor feature: Adds color gradient shading by default, resulting in a subtle 3D appearance of scrollbars, buttons, and menus (can be disabled in theme settings).
0.212 Feb 2018 05:03 minor feature: New pane layout manager, a print dialog, and input field validation framework.
0.127 Dec 2017 13:13 minor feature: