LazPaint 6.3

LazPaint is a feature-rich graphics editor similar to Paint.NET but written in Free Pascal / Lazarus. It comes as Linux, MaxOSC and Windows build. Antialiasing, multiple undo steps, alpha blending, BGRABitmap support, arbitrary shape selections, rotation, colorization and e.g. blur filters are some of its core features. LazPaint supports various file formats, including layered OpenRaster and 3D imports.

Tags fpc lazarus graphic-editor
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

6.321 Sep 2014 22:39 minor feature: Translations in French, Spanish and German. bgrabitmap version update. Fast blur with large radius fix. When tool windows are docked, they don't need to be on top.
6.219 Aug 2014 14:30 minor feature: Version 6.2 is a quick release to accomodate user bug reports and feedback. It includes bug fixes, toolbar improvements, image size display in the title bar, and a slider to allow changing brush size and any value in the toolbar quicker.