Jstar is a cloud computing programming langauge invented by wilmix jemin j in year 2014. JStar uses Wilmix Remote Server to publish the Webpage in the internet.. So Users can see the webpage from internet and mobiles.. Note: The RemoteServer is not opensource. But this tutorial is opensource. Advantages: ----------- a) It has Pocessed Advantages of CDollar. b) It is mosly used in WebDesign with Cloud computing and mobile cloud computing. c) It is also used in complicated WebDesigns.. d) IT also supports Graphics and animations... e) It also supports Canvas style ... f) It is used to manipulate large amount of Data G) It is used with WDBAJ$ Database; Hence attains more security. h) It Uses Themes and designs from WEB1.0.. Which provide the page more attraction to users... i) It is more attractive to Customers... j) PHP Programmers ,JAVA,WSIT programmers also can focus this technology..

Tags cdollar compiler programming-language cloud computing
License GNU GPL
State stable

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.106 Feb 2016 13:04 major feature: JSTAR focus on cloud computing, any oops professionals can focus it, a cdollar professionals can easily focus...