Jehovah Business sword(JBS) .1

JIT is the most powerful Advanced Business which contains Jehovah Business sword(JBS). JBS consists of REMO,ROMOS , and Mice. here REMO is the control unit. JBS is invented by wilmix jemin j in JDollar Technology. JBS is the 3rd Advanced Most Powerful language.

Tags advanced bussiness jdollar business compiler programming-language
License GNU GPL
State initial

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.127 Mar 2016 15:42 major feature: Advantages: JIT business structure (JBS) focused in solving the demerits of today business and reduces the competition . a) Maintain Economy by EMC Methods. b) Stabilize the WSIT computer economy by making projects available. c) Provide More prosperity and cooperation and unity. d) JIT also has Advanced technology to provide prosperity for business.