JAVA1.0 .1

JAVA 1.0 is for cloud computing and it is invented in CDollar Technology by wilmix jemin j at year 2014. AND JAVA1.0 is the Part of JITTECHSECTION-1. It is the 10th Most Advanced technology. JAVA 1.0 is greater than all JAVA versions JDk1.8 and so on. Now JAVA1.0 is part of JDollarPart2.

Tags cdollar compiler programming-language cloud computing jdollar
License GNU GPL
State initial

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.127 Mar 2016 02:57 major feature: ADVANTAGES: ---------- a) JAVA 1.0 is concenterated on cloud computing and software Development. b) IT used Attractive Syntax. c) IT's compiles and run the Program on the same time. d) JAVA1.0 is mostly used with GALAXY os. e) It works in all Unix type OS and Windows Type os. so it is platform independant. f) It is an opensource Technology. g) JAVA1.0 Directly interacts with Security WDBAJ database. h) Those who learn JAVA1.0 can easily learn JDollar. i) ANY JAVA professionals can easily learn JAVA1.0 j) JAVA1.0 also support Loosley coupling .. k) JAVA1.0 also support int ,float digits of length 1 * 10 10000. So this is the major Advantage of JAVA1.0. l) It Saves Time and Cost...