HomeGenie 1.00 beta rev 484

HomeGenie is a feature-packed and easily programmable home automation server. It provides a customizable web based UI, can command X10 and Z-Wave devices, UPnP and DLNA media devices, infrared controls, handles voice interaction, provides statistics and metering, allows scripting without much programming per wizard. HomeGenie also works on low-energy embedded devices such as Raspberry Pi, provides a JSON Web API, virtual modules, and mobile app clients.

Tags c javascript web-based embedded home-automation building x10 dlna upnp z-wave
License Other
State beta

Recent Releases

1.00 beta rev 48430 Mar 2015 14:45 minor feature: Improved trigger condition reaction time in all type of programs/scripts (now real time, event based). Added Program.WithAddress (get reference to a program) and Program.WaitFor (wait for a program to run) to Program helper class. Added Program.Say (voice output) and Program.Play (play wav sound) to Wizard Script HomeGenie/Automation commands. Some fixes to Virtual Modules lifecycle. Added MCP3008 Numeric Keypad automation program (connect a 3x4 numeric keypad using just one analog channel). Updated SSD1306 Oled, DHT-11 and DHT-22 programs. Improved MCP3008 program with Web API. Added GetValue method to ModulesManager: execute a module command and gets the return value as result (can be used for interprocess communication). Added database index as suggested by .
1.00 beta rev 48202 Mar 2015 10:05 minor feature: Updated RaspberrySharp-IO, now with support for PiFace Digital and MCP3002 Improved Widget Editor reporting of javascript syntax errors to work with any web browser
1.00 beta rev 47916 Feb 2015 10:45 minor feature: Fixed bug in Statistics class when parsing address of remote modules Fixed MIG UPnP interface MediaMediaInfo/MediaPositionInfo double quotes escaping issue Fixed MIG CameraInput interface not reading configuration
1.00 beta rev 47812 Feb 2015 04:25 minor feature: Fixed bug in Timetable when crossing from one table type to another on midnight (eg. from Weekday to Weekend) Added user-definable thermostat parameter to Eden Oled Menu widget Improved Basic Thermostat app, now compatible with Timetable scheduler and using Virtual Modules Added 0.5 step value input to the thermostat widget dial knob (issue #93)
1.00 beta rev 47608 Feb 2015 15:45 minor feature: Should fix bug in ZWaveLib Thermostat.SetPointSet (encoding of setpoint value). Added ZWave message queuing for nodes supporting Wake Up command class (battery powered devices - issue #77). Fixed bug in HG.WebApp.Statistics.InitConfiguration that was being called prior that statistics page was open. Fixed bug in MIGInterfaceCommand options parsing, that was affecting Statistics/Parameter.StatsHour when a module domain/address filter was passed. Fixed IP Camera widget preview not showing.
1.00 beta rev 47504 Feb 2015 08:05 minor feature: Added event popups ignore list (issue #46) Fixed some bugs in js/api web service calls (introduced with r474 js/api refactoring) Improved Media Renderer widget Fixed some bugs in UPnP MIG interface (not disposing objects when disabled; not setting device type to MediaTransmitter for media browser nodes) Removed all System.Windows.Forms and System.Drawing references from UPnP library (hopefully making it more stable)
1.00 beta rev 46627 Jan 2015 16:45 minor feature: Fixed bug in ZWaveLib Basic Set command (bug introduced with latest refactoring) Added timetable widget to default dashboard Merged pull request #109 + pull request #110 (DaniMail time table/thermostat) Improved Energy Monitor app; added Energy Monitor widget to default dashboard
1.00 beta rev 46123 Jan 2015 06:45 minor feature: Integrating DaniMail Thermostat, Calendar and Time tables (pull request #101) - WIP Added logic operator "OR" to Wizard script conditions Improved Z-Wave 'add node' function Fixed hidden automation groups bug
1.00 beta rev 45819 Jan 2015 06:25 minor feature: Fixed missing X10, Z-Wave automation groups (bug from r457) Added Z-Wave Meter Poll app; fixed bug in Level Poll app Optimized file GPIO connection driver for faaaster I/O operationss Added "fuzzyness" to Virtual Meter Added Meter box to Z-Wave node setup page Major ZWaveLib refactoring, now supporting kWh, KVAh, Watt, Pulses, AC Volt, AC Current and Power Factor energy values (issue #21)
1.00 beta rev 45415 Jan 2015 03:45 minor feature: Fixed unwanted serialization of module fields as Statistics (also affecting MQTT client app) Added prelminary support for CubieTruck/Cubieboard3 through RaspberrySharp-IO Fixed bug in X10 that was not performing first command after HG startup Fixed bug in Lirc initialization that was preventing IR remote from working when installing HG from debian package Should fix multiple UC handling in X10 commands issue #30 Added more field icons to sensor widget (pull request #94) Fixed error with Pepper1 db when lang is not an array (pull request #90) Changed widget's files extension from *.json to *.js Code formatting normalization in BaseFiles/html
1.00 beta rev 45306 Jan 2015 07:05 minor feature: Fixed c# automation programs not starting after restoring from a backup (issue #86) Added ModuleParameter.Wait(double seconds) to wait a parameter update for a given time (issue #72) Deprecated ModuleParameter.LastValue, LastDecimalValue, ValueIncrement (moved to ModuleParameter.Statistics) Deprecated ModuleParameter.History and moved its functionalities to ModuleParameter.Statistics (issue #80) Fixed bug introduced with r452 and that was preventing modules config from being saved Fixed parsing of negative sensor values in ZWaveLib Fixed "NaN" issue in group values indicator for locales using "," as decimal separator Added modules.xml fields encryption Fixed missing scheduler config restore from a backup
1.00 beta rev 45202 Jan 2015 06:45 minor feature: Added History object to ModuleParameter (issue #80) Added "Eden Oled Menu" program Updated "SSd1306 OLED" and "Eden Oled Display" programs Fixed GPIO program bug (was firing multiple Status.Level change events if restarted) Added When.ProgramStopping helper function Changed default start page to Control Dashboard Fixed empty "html" folder creation in root directory during system update (issue #83) Added password hiding in program configuration fields and module feature fields (issue #64) Added support for Z-Wave ZME_UZB1 by adding /dev/ttyACM0 to the port selection list (Raspberry Pi)
1.00 beta rev 45129 Dec 2014 18:25 minor feature: Added Z-Wave automation commands "Thermostat.OperatingStateGet" and "Thermostat.OperatingStateReport" (pull request #79) Fixed module settings not opening from Control page before going to Group/Modules page (pull request #79) Fixed bug in Arduino program import Fixed issue #81 21/12/2014 1.00 beta rev 450 Added Ssd 1306 OLED display and Eden Board OLED apps for Raspberry Pi Added new ZWave Api commands: SensorBinary.Get, SensorMultiLevel.Get, Meter.Get, Meter.SupportedGet, Meter.Reset Added "Meter.Power" parameter handling to Z-Wave MIG interface (Watt counter of a module) Added system configuration saving on interface settings change
1.00 beta rev 45023 Dec 2014 07:25 minor feature: Added Ssd 1306 OLED display and Eden Board OLED apps for Raspberry Pi Added new ZWave Api commands: SensorBinary.Get, SensorMultiLevel.Get, Meter.Get, Meter.SupportedGet, Meter.Reset Added "Meter.Power" parameter handling to Z-Wave MIG interface (Watt counter of a module) Added system configuration saving on interface settings change
1.00 beta rev 44415 Dec 2014 05:45 minor feature: Improved widget localization function Added Z-Wave.Me thermostat widget Added node timeout error message to ZWaveLib Fixed ZWaveLib bug affecting nodes discovery
1.00 beta r41502 Oct 2014 04:00 minor feature: Added support for Banana Pi GPIO. Added product handler for Fibaro Motion Sensor. Added Russian localization to HomeGenieUI.csproj. Fixed XTenLib received rf/plc events not firing.