gtabview 0.8

Graphical counterpart to tabview, a simple tabular data viewer that can be used both stand-alone and as a Python module for various files and Python/Pandas/NumPy data structures.

Tags spreadsheet python-module user-interfaces utilities python qt x11 cross-plattform end-users developers science-research
License MITL
State beta

Recent Releases

0.812 Dec 2016 03:16 minor feature: Update classifiers and ignores. Add support for PyQt5. Restrict to the same pandas version in python2/3. Favor newer versions of qt/python in install instructions. Bump version and release notes.
0.710 May 2016 03:25 minor feature: gtabview 0.7 More irregular/malformed data structures are now supported. Any missing value supported by NumPy/Pandas (such as NaT) is now displayed as. an empty cell for consistency. Column-autosizing performance tweaks.
0.628 Sep 2015 11:19 minor feature: