Google2SRT 0.7

Google2SRT extracts subtitles from YouTube and Google Video to the .srt (SubRip) format as understood by media players. It also works on automatic speech recognition generated subtitles, and select an available caption language.

Tags java swing youtube xml subtitles
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

0.729 Oct 2014 11:25 major feature: Support for multiple videos when specified in a text file with a URL list (one URL per line). GUI uses system look and feel so it looks like "another normal application". Output filename can contain the title of the video. Output is now a directory and filename is completely autogenerated, which is more intuitive. Last settings for language, output path, XML input path, +Track and +Title are saved between sessions. Simplified interface: multiple translations from multiples tracks from multiple videos can be converted by using both tabs. Minor graphical changes: added application icon, window is centered and resizable, columns are sortable, added multi-message textarea, etc. Cleaned up code. Major restructuration. 'Network' class became 'Video'. Most non-graphical logics have been moved from 'GUI' class to 'Controller'. Provided Windows Java wrapper: WinRun4j. Enhanced "run.bat" for users who still use it. Replaced "java" by "javaw" and JAR launched via "start". Built Windows software installer package.