Freshermeat 0.5.0

An open source software release and CVE tracking. Additionally includes: vulnerability tracking (CVE), ATOM feeds for project releases, repository statistics, project manager contacts.

Tags software directory release-tracking cve security freshmeat python
License Affero GPLv3
State initial

Recent Releases

0.5.030 Jun 2018 07:05 minor feature: Implemented similar projects #10;. The statistics page has been improved with two new charts: a pie chart for the activity of the projects and a pie chart for the number of projects submitted per contributor. The tag cloud has also been improved;. Added social share buttons for projects #8;. The dashboard for administrators has been improved;. The layout of the services page has been improved;. a : Hardcoded url in about box (to register your project) #9;. Various UI improvements.
0.4.006 Jun 2018 19:05 minor feature: It is now possible to import project from GitLab or GitHub just by giving an URL;. It is also possible to add new projects thanks to a bookmarklet;. Pages have now meaningful titles;. A new profile page for non-admin users has been added;. The name of the instance is configurable;. Improved the layout of the page to create/edit projects;. Improved the layout of the navbar and dropdown menus.
0.3.114 Mar 2018 13:05 minor feature: Improved the layout for medium and small screens;. A new release now automatically update the attribute last_updated of a Project.
0.3.003 Mar 2018 06:45 minor feature: New dashboard for administrators;. Added a chart in order to display the distribution of organizations types;. Only administrators are allowed to associate a project to an organization;. It is now possible to filter organizations by type (Governmental, Private, Non-Profit, Education, etc.).
0.2.025 Feb 2018 09:25 minor feature: Added full-text search on description of projects;. Added search on organization names from the organizations page;. Added search on licenses, tags and languages (accessible via the charts of the statistics page);. Improved layout of organization pages;. It is now possible to add a logo for an organization.
0.1.016 Feb 2018 06:25 minor feature: Major improvements of the database model;. it is now possible to associate tags, licenses and languages to projects;. a new page 'statistics' displays some charts about the most used licenses, Languages and tags;. it is possible to define several services based on a project;. Added pagination menu for the list of projects;. Improvements for the CVE and releases workers;. Various UI improvements and.
02 Jan 2018 23:28 minor feature:
0.0.102 Jan 2018 23:28 minor feature: