frePPLe 6.10.0

FrePPLe is a product planing and scheduling toolkit. It models planning processes targeted at discrete manufacturing industries constrained by material, capacity and lead time. Integrates data maintenance capabilities, Excel import, a web-based user interface. And it's extensible with custom data models or algorithmic solvers.

Tags c++ python erp scheduling product-planing
License Affero GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

6.10.006 Dec 2020 15:05 minor feature: A new get-started wizard is added to generate forecast for a single item. Fill in a simple form with the item, location, customer and recent sales history, and we'll populate the data tables and generate the statistical forecast. . A new get-started wizard is added to generate a production plan for a single sales order. Fill in the details of the sales order, define the supply path and we'll populate the data tables and generate the production plan. . A data loading wizard which is already available on the Enterprise and Cloud Editions for a long time. It is now also made available on the Community Edition. . The cockpit is renamed to "home". . frozen columns were not handled correctly in favourites.
6.9.008 Nov 2020 11:25 minor feature: A new get-started wizard is added to generate forecast for a single item. Fill in a simple form with the item, location, customer and recent sales history, and we'll populate the data tables and generate the statistical forecast. . A new get-started wizard is added to generate a production plan for a single sales order. Fill in the details of the sales order, define the supply path and we'll populate the data tables and generate the production plan. . A data loading wizard which is already available on the Enterprise and Cloud Editions for a long time. It is now also made available on the Community Edition. . The cockpit is renamed to "home". . frozen columns were not handled correctly in favourites.
6.8.004 Oct 2020 14:05 minor feature: Filtering data has been made more easier. The search expression editor is still available, but a simple search for a value in a text field can now be performed with less clicks. . Addition of the data source URL in the export dialog for easier export of frePPLe data into Excel. External applications can now directly pull frePPLe data online from a URL, which bypasses the export-import steps you do manually now. . Updated demand gantt report to make zooming in out easier and to show also item information. . Authentication to all URLs of the application is now possible with a JSON web token ( or basic authentication with user password ( This feature makes it easy for other applications to pull data or embed frePPLe. This feature can be disabled by commenting out the HTTPAuthentication middleware in your file. . Remote API to cancel running tasks.
6.7.030 Aug 2020 23:25 minor feature: Advanced customization: Some python code can now customize the sequence in which demands are prioritized and planned. New demand history, purchase order history and inventory history widgets on the cockpit screen. FrePPLe will now record historical plan data. In following releases you can expect historical plan information to start appearing in additional screens. . The search box now allows you to open the search results in a new browser tab. Using different browser tabs is very handy when you don't like to lose the previous screen. You can already achieve this on all links by using the right-click menu of your browser. We made that a bit easier now in the search box. . Addition of a tooltip with column name when hovering on column headers. . Custom reports now support filtering, sorting, customization and favorites. Just as all other screens. . Added Ukrainian translations. Thanks Michael!. . Added Croatian translations. Thanks Blago!. . The odoo addon is moved to its own github repository: We hope this makes it easier for odoo implementation partners to install the addon and contribute enhancements. The windows installer now has an option to send us anonymous usage information. The usage data will provide us valuable information to guide our roadmap and continue improving the tool. The data is anonymous and will never be shared with third parties. The option is disabled by default.
5.1.022 Mar 2019 09:45 minor feature: The identifier of purchase orders, distribution orders and manufacturing orders has been removed. The reference field is now the primary key, and a required input field. The required reference fields is an API-breaking change. . A new status "completed" is added on purchase orders, distribution orders and manufacturing orders. It models a status where the order has already completed, but the ERP hasn't reflected this yet in its inventory status. When changing the status of a manufacturing order to completed, there is also logic to assure that sufficient upstream material is available. If required the status of feeding purchase orders, distribution orders and manufacturing orders is changed to completed. . The resource detail and inventory detail tables are now editable. This allows to import detailed information on allocated resources and consumed materials from the ERP system, and model the current work-in-progress in full detail. In earlier releases these tables only contained output generated by the planning algorithm. From this release onwards they also contain input information for manufacturing orders in the status approved and confirmed. . The default of the parameter plan.autoFenceOperations is changed from 0 to 999. By default, the planning algorithm now waits for any existing confirmed supply before proposing a new replenishment. The new default avoids unnecessary duplicate replenishments and results in more intuitive plans. . The search mode to choose among different alternate replenishments can now be controlled by the user. In previous releases this could only be controlled on operations of type 'alternate', and automatically generated alternates always used priority as the selection mode. From this release onwards the field ' mode' can be used to specify the selection mode from among 'priority', 'minimum cost', 'minimum penalty' and 'minimum cost + penalty'. . The item table gets some read-only fields which capture some key me
5.0.026 Jan 2019 07:05 minor feature: The default allowed delivery delay of sales orders and forecasts is changed from indefinite to 5 years. This improves the performance of the algorithms in case there are unplannable orders. A new resource type "time buckets" is introduced that represents capacity as the number of hours of availability per time bucket. The capacity consumption from a bucketized resource now also has a constant component and considers the resource efficiency. Addition of the field size maximum to the item supplier and item distribution tables. More detailed modelling of work in progress. The parameters WIP.consume_material and WIP.consume_capacity control whether a confirmed manufacturing order consumes material and capacity. More detailed modeling of in transit material. By leaving the origin location empty, no inventory will be consumed at the origin location. We assume the material has already left the origin location and is in transit. By leaving the destination location, the distribution order doesn't produce any stock. This represents a material transfer outside of our supply chain. Ability to use powerful regular expressions in the definition of setup matrices rules. calculation of operation time for 0-duration operations was wrong in some situations. incorrect operation duration when different resources in an aggregate pool resource. have different working hours. corrected corner cases where the solver got into an infinite loop. Ability to cancel any running task on the execution screen. Until now only the plan generation could be cancelled while it was running. Improved performance and reduced memory footprint when downloading and exporting big reports. Added field duration to the execution screen. Added tabs to see the manufacturing orders for a specific item, location or operation. Update of the "in progress" fields of the inventory report. Are considered in progress for a given bucket all orders starting before the end date of that bucket and ending after the end date o
4.5.002 Nov 2018 03:16 minor feature: Performance optimization for models with post-operation times by avoiding ineffecient search loops. The naming convention for distribution operations is changed from 'Ship ITEM from ITEM @ SOURCE to ITEM @ DESTINATION' to the simpler and shorter 'Ship ITEM from SOURCE to DESTINATION'. for a specific corner case where material requirements for work in progress aren't propagated at all. New parameter plan.resourceiterationmax allows user control over the number of searches for a free capacity slot on a resource. Contributed by Mateusz Knapik. Added field net duration to the resource detail report. Added fields total in progress, work in progress MO, on order PO, in transit DO to the inventory report. Deleting an object from the edit form in a scenario was incorrectly deleting the object in the production instead. The "import data files from folder" and "import a spreadsheet" functionalities now ignores spaces, dashes and underscores in the recognition of the content type from the file or worksheet name. So far, only a worksheet called 'sales order' was recognized as containing sales order data. Now "sales-order", "sales_order" and "salesorder" will also be recognized. The Ubuntu binaries will be compiled on Ubuntu 18 LTS from now onwards. Compiling for Ubuntu 16 LTS remains fully supported, but we recommend to upgrade Ubuntu.
4.4.211 Sep 2018 12:05 minor feature: in the calculation of the lateness/earliness of a manufacturing order, purchase order or distribution order. The calculation was incorrectly based on the start date rather the end date of the operation in question. A new field "feasible" is now added to the inventory detail report, resource detail report, operation detail report, purchase order screen, distribution order screen and manufacturing order screen. The read-only boolean field indicates whether the order is violating any material, lead time or capacity constraints. This is useful in interpreting the results of an unconstrained plan. The criterion for before current problems is updated for confirmed orders. The change should result in less problems that are also more meaningful to the users. For orders in the status approved or proposed a before-current problem is created when the start date is in the past. For orders in the status confirmed the criterion the problem is now created when the end date is in the past, i.e. the order is overdue and should have been finished by now. The natural key in the suboperation table is changed from operation + suboperation + operation to operation + suboperation + effective start date. Ability to make the data anonymous and obfuscated when exporting an Excel workbook. The names of all entities are obfuscated in the resulting spreadsheet. You will still need to carefully review the output to clean out any remaining sensitive data. Ability to customize the names for the time buckets used in the reports. The time bucket generation command now has extra attributes for setting the name of the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly buckets. Support for Ubuntu 18 LTS. Ubuntu 16 LTS remains fully supported. Windows installer now uses Python 3.6. Python 3.5 remains fully supported.
4.4.103 Aug 2018 13:05 minor feature: Resources can now have an efficiency percentage. This allows the resource to perform an operation faster or slower than the standard operation time. The resource report now displays the available capacity as a line, replacing the green bar in previous releases to show the free capacity. Performance optimization of the solver algorithm. The solver now passes down the minimum shipment information from the demand to all upstream entities, which allows the algorithm to perform a more efficient search. In complex models, the resulting plan may be slightly different - for the better. Resource build-ahead penalty calculation now also working for 0-cost resources. New rows to the purchase order summary and distribution order summary reports to show the quantity on order or in transit. New rows to the inventory report to show 1) days of cover of the starting inventory, 2) the safety stock and 3) more details on the supply and consumption type. The minimum field on the buffer defines a safety stock. In previous releases this safety stock was effective from the horizon start in 1971. Now this safety stock is effective from the current date of the plan onwards. This change will give a different result for safety stock replenishments in an unconstrained plan. In a lead time constrained plan the results will be identical. Remove buffers of type procurement from the planning engine code. This buffer type was already long deprecated and hasn't been accessible to users for quite some time now. Simpler and more generic modeling of material consumption and production by operations. The types '_end' and '_start' on operation material records are replaced with a field '_quantity'. Renamed the demand plan detail report to delivery orders, and enable uploading confirmed or approved shipments to customers as input data. When expanding a confirmed manufacturing order on a routing operation, the automatic creation of the child manufacturing orders for each routing step now also considers the
4.4.009 Jun 2018 11:25 minor feature: Added new reports purchase order summary and distribution order summary to summarize the purchase orders or distribution orders per time bucket. For consistency with the previous change, the operation report is renamed to manufacturing order summary. Extended the exporttofolder command to export additional plan results into CSV or Excel files. . The data type of all numeric fields is changed from 15 digits with 6 decimals to 20 digits with 8 decimals. This allows a larger range of numbers to be accurately represented in the database. . The remote web commands API now supports user authentication with JSON Web Tokens (see to launch tasks download data and upload data.
4.3.404 May 2018 10:25 minor feature: Solver performance optimization where there are availability calendars. The plan generation time can be reduced with a factor 3 to 4 in some models. Solver enhancements for planning with setup matrices. Solver optimization to handle infinite buffers more efficiently. Compilation error with Python 3.6. for spreadsheet import: more robust handling of empty rows and rows with empty fields at the end. Correction to maintain a single root hierarchy.
4.3.320 Mar 2018 08:25 minor feature: New operationmaterial policy 'transfer_batch' which allows material production or consumption in a number of batches of size at various moments during the total duration of the operationplan. A new field operationmaterial.transferbatch is introduced. A new field 'end items' is added to the manufacturing order, purchase order and distribution orders screens. It is similar to the 'demands' which shows the demands. backward compatibility after command renaming in 4.3.1. Upgrade to PostgreSQL 10. PostgreSQL 9.5 and 9.6 remain fully supported.
4.3.221 Feb 2018 14:05 minor feature: Solver engine improvements to reduce resource setup changeovers (Enterprise Cloud Editions). New step to make the initial work-in-progress data feasible. (Enterprise Cloud Editions) Constraints are resolved by delaying approved manufacturing orders to feasible dates. Confirmed manufacturing orders aren't changed during the new pre-planning step. Ability to display only 2 dimensions in the forecast editor screen. Performance improvements in the export of results. Improved more intuitive values when entering forecast overrides at different levels in the hierarchies. The autofence now also considers approved supply, and not only confirmed supply. Excel files with some non-standard internal structure are now also recognized. Work-in-progress operationplans with quantity 0 are no longer rejected. Command frepple_run is renamed to runplan. Command frepple_runserver is renamed to runwebserver. Command frepple_copy is renamed to scenario_copy. Command frepple_importfromfolder is renamed to importfromfolder. Command frepple_exporttofolder is renamed to exportfromfolder. Command frepple_flush is renamed to empty. Command frepple_backup is renamed to backup. Command frepple_restore is renamed to restore. Command frepple_simulation is renamed to simulation. Command frepple_createbuckets is renamed to createbuckets. Command frepple_createmodel is renamed to createmodel. Command frepple_loadxml is renamed to loadxml. Command frepple_runworker is renamed to runworker.
4.3.117 Feb 2018 17:25 minor feature: Adding release notes template + deleting some fossils from the root f . Removing references to sourceforge. Long live github!. . Updated screenshot in the documentation. . Updating old references to the documentation. . Merge branch 'master' of . Setup development. . Ignore files generate by eclipse. . Upgrading openpyxl from 2.4.7 to 2.4.11 - . . Linux build after removal of readme and changelog files. . Removing useless fossil NEWS INSTALL files from the root folder. . Setup development continuing. . Operationplan should accept 0 quantity. . Compilation after backport of enterprise branch. . Odoo connector - encoding reported by Pratik Bhandirge from bis . . Ing unit test. . Execution screen: Display optional help link for a command. Requires . . Updated release notes. No longer a task to be done when releasing the . . Renaming commands - removing the pre"frepple_". . Setup development. . Documentation: restructuring the documentation of commands. . Execution screen: only pass commands with a getHTML method to the vie . . New operationmaterial type to model "transfer batches", part I - the . . New operationmaterial type to model "transfer batches", part II - mor . . Updated command documentation, part II. . Exposing a python method "calculateOperationTime" on an operationplan . . "Heisenberg-principle". Operationplan sorting update. . Linux compilation for calculateOperationTimePython method. . Replacing in one more place "readme" with "". . Final part of the command documentation restructuring. . Doc: incorrect link in previous commit. . More heisenberg-. Heisenberg command manager. . Tagging 4.3.1 release.
4.331 Jan 2018 06:25 minor feature: Merge branch 'master' of . Logfile changes: execute view and urls. . Logfile changes: frepple_run. . Logfile changes: exportfromfolder, importfromfolder. . Logfile changes: execute template formatter. . Logfile changes: don't show view log file button if the file is not t . . Logfile changes: if the user wants a different logfile name, make sur . . Execute screen: remove console.log. . Cleaner inspect message. . Unit test - algorithm takes a different search and results are . . Update on dinosaur command "frepple_loadxml" to python3. . Updates to log file handling. . Logfile changes: remove view logfile button from frepple_run. . Logfile changes: . Generic command executor. . Throw error when instantiating operationplans that can't be activated. . Delete solver. Removing deging print. . Execute screen: remove harcode to launch frepple_backup, frepple_expo . . Merge branch 'master' of . Execute screen: set to command name for consistency and fut . . Eexecute screen: increase size of task name field. . Execute screen: in also set to command name for co . . Execute screen: in frepple_runworker set to command name fo . . Cleaner navigation bar when embedded in another user interface. . Support for read only attributes. . Logfile changes: limit total size of log files. . Cleanup in the new logfile management. . Logfile changes: increase total limit to 200MB, add try/catch to file . . Merge branch 'master' of . PO,DO, MO reports: grid not showing in Chrome. . Solver updates to be more consistent in the rouding. . Leftover reference to "generate plan". . Cookbook test updates. . Updated logic for setting the operation.item field - Now we're not on . . Minor correction to runworker's logfile cleanup. . Using pyt
4.228 Jul 2017 03:25 minor feature: Corrected access rights to the groups menu. Output widgets: apply graph colors to tooltip numbers. Merge branch 'master' of Pass preferences to the report class methods. Pep8 changes + change label "onhand" to "expected onhand". Output widgets: make graph tooltips work in firefox. More flexible reading of attribute fields + pep8 cleaning. Revert jqgrid selection reset on cell click. Performance optimization for reading DOs in memory. Password validation: enable validation rules for size, common passwor?. Widgets: that showed in graph allways 1 record even when ther?. Widgets: remove a forgotten print. Inventory status sorting: adapt color to change to backend value 999999. Merge branch 'master' of Community only: frepple.js minified files. Demand screen: set plannedquantity values format equal to quantity va?. Remove deconsole.log from last commit. Change password form: password rules string correctly formatted. Document password validation. Password rules: add help texts and format errors. Merge branch 'master' of Move contents of contrib/django to the root folder. Trim trailing whitespace from all source code. Missed some po files in the django move + syncing grunt file. More missing po files. Revised join to retrieve PO cost. Rerunning grunt. Demand plan report - avoid double unescape. Adding log folder to git. Solver. Don't erase the doc folder. in loading reference of operationplans. Deleting leftover contrib/django files. Marking executable in its new location. check buckets and abort plan if errors are found. Translations: update russian. Removing obsolete doc pages. More robust handling when preferences get invalid. Availability calendars can now be defined at individual operations. Doc: inventory planning parameter page was out of date. Pasword change form: change button style. Buckets che
4.127 Apr 2017 12:05 minor feature: Migration of report permission names - used to be in each app, and ar?. Adding price and total_price field to the DO and PO reports. For drilling down into problem owners. Exporttofolder: Copying from enterprise branch. Exporttofolder: minor cleanup. Attribute fields for DO. Obsoleting dot-graph representation. Ability to customize reports cockpit - backported from the enterprise?. Simplify XSD schema file. Documentation update: priority = 0 is now special for item-supplier, ?. Syncing enterprise community editions. Adding fields to the PO, MO and DO screens + small correction to the ?. Adding total price info on DO screen. Odoo connector. Thanks Annisa for reporting this. Rest api. Supply path drilldown: links for non existing operations no longer show. Supply path: elements in graph now have active links, also valid for ?. Signal handler: disabled in debuild. Syncing community enterprise editions. Links in the constraint/why-short-or-late report. Minor clenaup for planning log. Django natural keys, part I. Unittest related to natural key feature. Handle situations where the natural key isn't unique. REST API updates. in static export of operationmaterials. Changing the behavior when both both operation.size_minimum and opera?. Unit test update and to respect constant and time-varying minim?. Extra protection against inefficient solver loops. Typo. Template tag to use django settings in templates. Performance optimization in the resource solver. Community duration field: seconds display. Merge branch 'master' of Rest API: allow partial updates on all methods. Adding segment and business rule to references. Merge branch 'master' of Changing default field order in sales order report. Menu restructuring. Tests: test conflict with webservice in enterprise. Demand report updates. One more demand report update. Tests: set webservice to false on multidb and simulation tests. Merge branch 'master'
4.022 Jan 2017 12:05 minor feature: Updated demand pegging iterator to 1) avoid returning the same operat?. Mention AWO module in openbravo connector docs. Operationplan problem iterator now also returns related material and ?. Restoring of delivery operationplans. Unit test. Backport from enterprise edition. Backport from enterprise edition. Openbravo connector improvements. Small correction to openbravo theme. Guided tour update. Breadcrumbs for the special case of the guided tour. Gcc compilation. Planning task decorator improvement. Undoing the demand pegging iterator sorting. Code cleanup using c++11. Code cleanup using c++11 + unit test. New demand pegging field on operationplans. Correction for restoration of delivery operationplans. Avoid double activation of operationplans. Tures: category/subcategory in Demo and Manufacturing datasets, fo?. Tures: category/subcategory in Demo and Manufacturing datasets, fo?. Merge branch 'master' of For the inline documentation. Removing overview section from the documentation - we have sufficient?. Minor refactoring of django common report file. Backporting changes from enterprise edition. Date parser. Documentation updates. Datetimepicker: last stable version, some positioning. Minor in loading operationplans. Round demand pegging values when exporting data. Unit test. Documentation updates. Odoo connector update. Operationplan reading. Serialization update: write flowplan.opplan as object rather than ref?. Faster creation of operationItemDistribution and operationItemSupplier. Deactiving match at higher location levels for item-suppliers and ite?. Removing obsoleted unit test. Removing those ugly windows-specific declare_export declarations. Minor. Recursive member iterator. Updated way of loading data from db into memory - split in static and?. Operationplan load performance that was broken by yesterday's commit. Adding output in demo and manufacturing_demo tures. Unit test. Tour: modal when clicking ESC or outside
4.0.beta21 Oct 2016 14:45 minor feature: Merge of the work-in-progress branch for the new data model. Typo in the currency cell formatter. Static export of resourceskills - reported by Annisa Muzayana. Bumping up the release number to 4.0.beta. Always export the flowplan.onhand value, also if it is 0. Removing out_demand table. save button wasn't shown when adding a user group. "demand plan" and "inventory detail" reports migrated to new data model. New convenience operation type to represent inventory. Treat boolean parameter values in a case insensitive way. Excel export update: export dates formatted as date rather than as text. Better passing of arguments to the inventory report. Create hidden calendars in the engine for each of the buckets in the ?. Cockpit: limit inventory by location widget to 30 locations. Execute: html5 errors. Spliting the migration file into two to avoid following error : Widgets: update to new model. Backport from enterprise edition. When an object's owner is changing. Engine import export updates for the new data model. Adding the due field in the operationplan object. Adding the due field to the operationplan table for migration. Adding the due field to the operation plan export. Report changes for new data model. Report updates for new data model. Removing name field of buffer from the form. Ordering of scenarios in the dropdown is random : a new filter s?. Clean a deprint in template. Ing filtering on a number of fields. Drilldown in graphs reports: inventory report. Drilldown in graphs reports: demand report. Drilldown in graphs reports: resource report. SyncWithSettings to be called automatically more frequently. Drilldown in graphs reports: operations report. Merge branch 'master' of Tour: urls for manufacturing. Widget: Deleivery performance query. Exporttofolder: updates for new model. KPI: model updates. Views demand: model update. Exporttofolder: no timezone on date fields. Input/ url update. Output/views/ que
3.202 Aug 2016 15:25 minor feature: Refreshed look and feel of the user interface, based on the Bootstrap framework. More powerful widgets and workflows from the cockpit screen. New modeling features: modeling supplier and distribution capacity.
3.2.beta17 Jun 2016 03:16 minor feature: Refreshed look and feel of the user interface, based on the Bootstrap framework. More powerful widgets and workflows from the cockpit screen. New modeling features: modeling supplier and distribution capacity.
3.1.enterprise09 May 2016 13:45 minor feature: Refreshed look and feel of the user interface, based on the Bootstrap framework. More powerful widgets and workflows from the cockpit screen. New modeling features: modeling supplier and distribution capacity.
3.104 Apr 2016 12:05 minor feature: Refreshed look and feel of the user interface, based on the Bootstrap framework. More powerful widgets and workflows from the cockpit screen. New modeling features: modeling supplier and distribution capacity.
3.0.215 Feb 2016 06:25 minor feature: adding missing python modules for the rest API to Windows installer. Toggling between graph and table was broken. Minor C11++ and GCC6 compatibility reported by red hat. setting release number to 3.0.2. More minor C11++ and GCC6 compatibility.
3.0.131 Jan 2016 12:45 minor feature: Updating release number to 3.1.beta. Small packaging doc updates on vmware RPM. Linux unit test. Release number updates. renaming entities was broken after upgrade to django 1.8. Rearranged ordering of the documentation folders. Make links to all https. Improved contol over the id of the next operationplan. Updating test results for unit test 'constraints_combined_1'. . Updated handling of the flags "operationplans.consume_material", "ope?. Adding a command to run plans for multiple dates, simulating executio?. in date selector in "admin/execute/generate buckets" screen. Export of proposed operationplans in the operationplan table. Enhanced simulation script. Improved simulation script. New (draft) set of cockpit widgets to show a high level overview of t?. Openbravo and odoo modules no longer activated by default. Openbravo connector: retrieves the approvedvendor.vendorproductno fie?. Extra robustness for purchase order analysis widget. Runworker process needs to inherit correct environment variables. Openbravo - small refactoring to make subclassing easier. in toolicons: Improved handling of the auto-generated id field on operationplan, pu?. Minor doc and installer updates. Setting release number to 3.0.1. Small corrections before tagging 3.0.1. Updated unit test results (difference caused by deactivating odoo o?. Cleanup - removing some unused imports. Enhanced import of operationplans. Plan metadata class updated. priority field for item_supplier and item_distribution shoul?. For the supply path report in single-location models. Improved documentation test for the postgresql installation on windows.
3.026 Dec 2015 22:05 minor feature: Move highutil class to the resource template. Merge branch 'master' of Color change. Theme concept change. Small header adjustment, not important. Hide Theme change from preferences when there is only one available t?. Updated documentation. Missing borders. Merge branch 'master' of Remove not needed comment lines. Made custom properties work in python3 and new API. Transparent header background color. Merge branch 'master' of Save and Undo buttons inside django block. to account for new class on the save button. Improvements in menu separator. Merge branch 'master' of Url typo. Look and feel changes... mainly colors to improve consistency. Django installation instructions updated. Theme preference. Updated ordering in the sales menu. Adding source field on calendarbuckets. Small update to accomodate linux distributions with default pre/u?. Doc formatting. For in 1.8 upgrade of django. RPM specfile upgraded for python 3. Restructured admin menu + scenario specific preferences URL. New methods to retrieve custom properties. getproperty methods properly to release python interpreter corre?. Documentation updates - Suse related. Jquery theme updated: Improved warning message when the filter results are empty. Return string properties as const char rather than string. Calendar bucket constructor needs declare_export. Solve enhancement: ability to plan stage by stage. Exporting one more function. Reverting git-cherry-pick trouble. Making grid rows non-selectable if not in multiselect mode + enabling?. Moving some fields from type calendardefault to calendar. Report Actions Menu. SelectMenu revert to defaut background i.e. white. Added Status Change SelectMenu to Purchase Orders, Sales Orders and O?. Change ref from python 2.7 or 3.4. For PO and DO export. Typo in distribution order report. New themes. Removing django patch file
2.528 Oct 2015 19:05 minor feature: Adding spanish translation to the installer, final part III. Backport of an enhancement from v3 master branch.
2.429 May 2015 22:45 minor bugfix: Minor incremental release. Some UI restyling and CSS fixes, migration to Django 1.8 and Python3 migration. Openbravo connector, and many smaller bugfixes.
2.2.beta21 Sep 2014 22:47 major feature: Two-way connector with OpenERP and Openbravo. The main page of the application is redesigned to be as a cockpit/dashboard. Native excel import and export for each report.