FreezeFrame 0.3.1087

FreezeFrame is a free multi-platform personal photo and video library manager. It manages keywords, title, comment, rating, GPS location, address and shows media locations on a map. Media can be viewed as a slideshow and exported by email or file. Note: videos must either use the MP4 container format with H.264/AVC video and AAC audio compression or the FLV container format with VP6 video and MP3 audio compression.

Tags multimedia photo video desktop viewer javafx
License GNU GPLv3
State beta

Recent Releases

0.3.108714 May 2017 12:51 minor bugfix: - Bug fix: copying media to clipboard on OSX didn't work - Bug fix: sending media by email (more feedback, disable the form during sending) - Bug fix: disable media filtering (photos and/or videos) when importing media (to avoid hiding available media) - Bug fix: improved feedback after importing folder
0.3.106302 Feb 2017 11:05 minor bugfix: - Bug fix: map issues (missing markers, address lookup failed) when using Dutch or German locale
0.3.105619 Jan 2017 04:44 major feature: - Java9: FreezeFrame now supports Java 9 - Bug fix: fixed hang when image was imported multiple times into library - Bug fix: removed the workaround for Java 8 bug (JDK-8131066) on OSX: mediaplayer crashes when disposing video player. official bug report: bug Suggested workaround for OSX users only: install Java9 early access release - Bug fix: user is informed where application shortcuts are during installation
0.2.104809 Jan 2017 14:56 minor feature: - Feature: status line is now dual line for foreground and background task updates - Feature: date can be added as tile info - Feature: tile info settings can be changed with menu button (and are removed from settings) - Bug fix: selecting an already selected tile within a range selects just that tile (instead of clearing all) - Bug fix: auto complete candidate list (e.g. when entering a keyword) is closed when field loses focus - Bug fix: insert file place holder in the video editor settings does not work - Bug fix: fill all screen tiles when scrolling fast (last line would sometimes only show tile outline) - Bug fix: clear write flag before meta data is written to enable setting of the flag during writing - Bug fix: proper initialization of video preview slider in settings
0.1.103923 Dec 2016 08:58 security: - Jar files are now digitally signed - Added a Java Web Start launch option
0.1.103121 Dec 2016 15:22 major feature: First public release