FreeCAD 0.1.5

FreeCAD is a general purpose parametric 3D CAD modeler based on the OpenCASCADE geometry kernel. It's written in Python and its GUI utilizes Qt. It provides a modular plugin architecture and extensibility via macros and scripts, but already comes with a wide range of 2D and 3D property editing tools and transformation filters, simulation and rendering backends. Various export formats include STEP, IGES, OBJ, STL, DXF, SVG, STL, DAE, IFC or OFF, NASTRAN, VRML, DWG, and the native FCSTD files.

Tags cad python qt pyside
License GNU LGPL
State stable

Recent Releases

0.1.513 Apr 2015 06:45 major feature: Features Export: Remember the last used file type. v0.14 Mirrored objects parent the original object. There is no GUI to set the default License and Company. (Version 0.13) New parts are not created within the selected group. 3D text. Arch.makeRoof optional angle parameters for each base edge whished. use UTF8 for filenames. Sketcher Elements widget - add in handling of elements linked to external geometry. do not raise (pythons) base Exception. Patch SMESH not to link against TKAdvTools. Add python function for GUI verison of Command::doCommand. Inbuilt scripts (macros) - better GUI access. Bugfixes FreeCAD crash when opening FCSTD file containing a spreadsheet. SpaceNav control active without application focus. 3dconnexion space navigator moves view even when FreeCAD is not the active application. Cut with an array does not work if the patterns overlay. Calculation is very long, and the result is incorrect. Imposible to use wacom tablet. Not possible to draw anything.. Appearance does not store the Material property. Python types for shapes return wrong names. Folders with tick in the name cannot be opened. UTF-8 encoded PyString objects are used instead of unicode objects to pass unicode data to the python interpreter. ASCII - ARCH SURVEY - Modification 5912342e failed on 32 bits SUSE 12.3 or 13.1. Added an angular dimension and it doesn't work. On load imported VRML objects are positioned at (0,0,0). Not correct placement Vrml 3D at open file. Lock-up during Polar Pattern transformation. Slow performance when transforming a pattern. Patch Patch build system to use system smesh. Bad Behavior in Part Design After Bug Fix.. python interface allows to break sketches by invalid GeomIds. FreeCAD 0.14 Stable crashes when importing a step model. FreeCAD crashes when importing step file. Models don't load as solids in Sprutcam. problem cutting away a particular sphere from a particular cylinder. Helix height cannot exceed 55.87mm. Part Design involute Gear Broken