Dust Racing 2D 1.11.0

Dust Racing 2D is tile-based racing game. It provides AI players and split-screen modes, different tournament modes, and comes with a level editor. It utilizes Qt and OpenGL for smooth graphics.

Tags c++ qt game racing 2d
License GNU GPLv3
State alpha

Recent Releases

1.11.029 Apr 2015 12:05 feature: New features: Finally a difficulty setting with three levels: Easy, Medium and Senna. Show a red overlay on hard crashes. Cars can get damaged. Improvements: Remove alpha blending from the plant object. Stabilize the steering a bit. Bug fixes: Editor: Fix wrong scale when track given as a CLI argument. Editor: Don't try to open a track if filename is empty. Fix unit tests. Other: Refactor settingsmenu.hpp. Refactor steering logic. Sparkles as surface particles. Use same renderer for all particle batches.
1.10.008 Apr 2015 06:45 major feature: In this release multiple issues with shadow rendering are fixed. Particle rendering is completely reworked and also the track editor is given some love. Issues with depth testing are fixed. A lot of bug fixes and miscellaneous improvements and changes. New features: Add a chicane to straight.trk and make it shorter. Instantly change the virtual resolution between fullscreen modes. Longer start grid to Suzuka. Make it possible to spin. Show lap time in message area. Simple specular effect for the cars. Take more car colors in to use. Editor: Different colors for brake and brake hard. Editor: Implement row and col deletion. Editor: Implement row and column insertion. Improvements: Enable depth test for smoke. Implement batching and shadows for MCSurfaceParticles. Make timing based on frames instead of QTime. Mud particles as surface particles. No leaf particle when colliding with plants. Reduce quadratic drag. Refactor particle rendering. Rename textures.conf = surfaces.conf. Render rect particles as quads if not GLES. Render shadows with depth information. Set z-offsets for car surfaces. Smaller tree swing amplitude. Use GLSL's reflect(). Editor: Fit track properly when loading a track. Editor: Improve some tile graphics. Editor: Replace private slots with lambdas in EditorView. Editor: Replace some if's with asserts. Editor: Use C++11's override specifier. Bug fixes: Fix a bug where mouse release outside pressed item caused two items being focused. Fix build with qmake. Fix cppcheck warnings. Fix depth buffering. Fix exception handling. Fix specular lighting of the tire object. Other: Add optional z attribute to MCSurface / surface config loader. Add mcvector2d.hh and mcvector3d.hh to CMakeLists.txt. Add option to filter layers to be rendered. C++11 way to disable copy ctor's. Common base class for all particle renderers. Divide layers into render and collision layers. Lambda slots for show/hide cursor. Lambda s
1.9.226 Jan 2015 07:45 minor bugfix: Bug fixes: Fix rendering of the windowed mode. Fix rendering in other than native resolutions. Improvements: Take maximum supported texture size into account. QGLFramebufferObject = QOpenGLFramebufferObject. Add camera location support to MCGLShaderProgram. Simplify FBO shading. CMake: Check for polices before setting. Fix some MSVC compilation warnings. Improve documentaton in mcglscene.hh Add getters for eyeZ and viewAngle.