dsargparse 0.3.0

dsargparse is a wrapper of argparse library which prepares helps and descriptions from docstrings. It also sets up functions to be run for each sub command, and provides a helper function which parses args and run a selected command. Using this library, you don't need to write same texts in docstrings, help, and description.

Tags cli helper argparse python
License MITL
State beta

Recent Releases

0.3.031 Jul 2016 21:33 major feature: Parse main module's docstring and takes text before tags appear in order to set the description.
0.2.031 Jul 2016 04:29 minor bugfix: Support sub-sub command, L77 should consider rest of items in kv not only kv 1 .
0.1.211 Jul 2016 05:22 minor feature: Define __all__ variable so that from dsargparse import * works expectedly.