DJV Imaging 2.0.8

DJV Imaging is professional movie playback software intended for film production, visual effects, and computer animation. It's cross-platform for Linux, Max OS X and Windows; plays either image sequences or movies, works with industry-standard formats as OpenEXR, Cineon, DPX, and QuickTime. It also provides command-line tools for batch processing. Also utilizes CMake, FFmpeg, GLEW, libjpeg, libpng, libtiff, libquicktime, OpenEXR, zlib, Qt.

Tags c++ qt video-editing video player command-line movie-creation
License BSDL
State beta

Recent Releases

2.0.815 Jun 2020 23:45 minor feature: Bump version number . Documentation updates. . Add git clone. . On second thought, remove the git clone. . Change parallel build settings. . Change directory name. . Documentation updates. . Documentation updates. . Documentation updates. . Documentation updates. . Documentation updates. . Documentation updates. . Documentation updates. . Rename directories. . Merge branch 'release/2.0.8' of . . Merge branch 'master' of . Disable libva. . Documentation update. . Documentation update. . Merge branch 'release/2.0.8'.
2.0.711 Jun 2020 21:45 minor feature: Bump version number . strerror_r usage. . Replace tabs. . Documentation updates. . Replace tabs. . . Cancel text focus when window focus is lost. . . . . Code. margins. . . Remove djv_convert. . . Try removing glfwSwapInterval to screen tearing. . . . Try enabling tests for Windows and macOS. . FreeType build. Print test logs. . Disable testing on macOS. . Try using windows-latest. . macOS build. Disable tests on Windows. . Add Linux packaging job. . job name. . Fail on stderr. . Build. Add fail on stderr for all jobs. . Install dev packages. . install packages. . Add missing project. . Build. Remove fail on stderr. . Add macOS packaging job. . Remove redundant variables. . Build. Build. Search for DJV modules first. . Build. Add deging. . Add deging. . Build. Build. Rename variable. . Remove deging. . Try enabling Windows tests again. . Documentation updates. . Disable Windows tests. . Add an option to toggle whether the color space is applied. . Compact space. . Compact space. . layers. Add keyboard shortcut. . Merge branch 'master' of . . . . Be less explicit. . More timer work. . Build. Switch to using version 2.5.1 of openexr tree. . Documentation updates. . Merge branch 'master' of . . . Link to IlmBase::Imath and IlmBase::IlmThread. . Add windows packaging job. . Build. Download NASM. . Download. Add deging. . Add destination path. . deging path. . destination path. . Change destination path. . Remove parallel build. . Try adding NMake generator. . Try adding VsDevCmd.bat. . Remove NMake generator. . Add config flag. . Add co
1.0.526 Dec 2014 03:15 minor feature: Always opening djv window in a certain size Add preferences for changing the font More detailed error messages and logging Linux: Move .sh-launchers to /usr/bin desktop - wrong path to binary Errors opening QuickTime files on Windows Default Playback speed isn't used Add support for negative frame numbers Linux build does not start
1.0.403 Nov 2014 03:15 minor feature: DJV always offset/off screen Add support for Qt 4.8 Add time/frame ticks to the djv_view timeline Improve file browser performance Allow large contrast/brightness stretching Make the djv_view file browser non-modal again
1.0.320 Oct 2014 03:15 minor feature: Add file type associations on OS X Add time/frame ticks to the djv_view timeline Add file type associations on Linux/Gnome3 Add file type associations on Windows File names with very large numbers are causing a crash Hide controls when going full screen Shortcuts not working for Window Show Bars
1.0.213 Oct 2014 03:34 major feature: Add an action to toggle playback in djv_view. Add an action for reloading the current frame in djv_view. The djv_view icon has an aliased appearance on Windows. Don't show terminal when launching djv_view on Windows. Add additional error handling to check whether images are compatible with the version of OpenGL being used. Release image file handles when the file cache is enabled. Add additional image scales to djv_view.
1.0.029 Sep 2014 04:46 major feature: DJV is now built upon the Qt toolkit Updated third party packages including OpenEXR 2.2