Audacity 2.4.2

Audacity is a multi-track audio and sound editor. It can also record from various input devices, up to 24bit wavelength, using ALSA or JACK with latencies up to 384kHz. All common audio formats and encodings such as WAV, AIFF, AU, FLAC, OGG Vorbis, GSM, MP2, MP3, AC3, M4A/M4R (AAC) and WMA are supported. Audio layers allow cutting, editing, and applying or layering a wide range of effects. And Audacity is also cross-platform.

Tags desktop audio editing recording
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

2.4.227 Jun 2020 10:45 minor feature: Correct placement of i18n-hint comments for plurals, no dummies needed . handles multi-line msgids. . Use i18n context if wxWidgets version 3.1.3 or later. . two typos for translated strings, now that strings are unfrozen. . Substitute, don't concatenate in user-visible strings. . Rewrite TranslatableString::operator== without dangerous looking casts. . some misplaced i18n-hint comments. . Remove some macro _ in NumericTextCtrl substitute-don't-concatenate. . Remove a few macro _. . Don't internationalize "e" (introducing numeric exponent). . Consistently compare to translation of "Command" in KeyView.cpp. . Change XO to XXO in many more places, with no effects at all. . Various changes related to internationalization. . Explanation of XXO() macro's purpose. . Be careful of static initialization of arrays of FileType. . Remove inclusions of wx/filedlg.h. . Replace wxFileDialog with FileDialogWrapper in two places. . Internationalize file type choices for Nyquist as we do in C++. . Finish the job of commit 7638dd0, for i18n of file dialog masks. . Replace last wxProgressDialog with ProgressDialog; remove all wx/prog . . Rewrite sort comparisons for plugin menus. . Replace various calls to _ with XO. . More work on i18n (22 less _ calls),, less use of wx headers. . Keep EXPERIMENTAL_VOICE_DETECTION compilable. . Keep EXPERIMENTAL_OD_DATA compilable. . Only add values if they were found. . Remove some unused functions and forward declarations. . Remove some unused forward declarations and #include directives. . Remove duplication of enum definition. . Simplify AButton. . Remove some unused things. . Add and correct various comments. . Update Czech Translation. . Remove 27 various macro _. . Don't internationalize logged strings; -29 macro _ calls. . Remove 56 macro _ calls and a few i8n mistakes. . Sufficient width of text control boxes (don't hard-code char width). . Simplify Loudness effect UI with a notebook.
2.3.111 Mar 2019 10:42 major bugfix: Support for 64-bit macOS. Linux is back. About 25 bugs fixed (since 2.3.1) Options and preferences: Microfades are now an opt-in feature. They were always on in 2.3.0. The advanced vertical zooming option is now available in the View- Zoom menu. Regular interval labels now support range labels.
2.1.031 Mar 2015 02:45 major feature: Audacity 2.1.0 replaces all previous versions. For a long time, we have wanted Real-Time Preview for effects. It seemed nearly unachievable without major restructuring. But with Audacity 2.1.0, we have it in LADSPA, VST, and Audio Unit (OS X) effects. Much improved Noise Reduction effect replaces Noise Removal. Lots of other improvements to effects, including: VST: FXB preset banks, hosting multiple plugins. All effects can now be used in Chains, and can be sorted on name, publisher, or class. Most Nyquist effects now have Preview button. Redesigned Meter Toolbars show a lot more information in smaller area. Spectral Selection in Spectrogram view.